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Garden furniture to make the most of all abroad.

by Decorator

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Garden furniture and comfort are elements that can not fail at any time. Really there is nothing more comforting than enjoying a cup of coffee or a good book outdoors. The collection that we present today will fulfill insurance on these expectations.

Both made over comfort and design all the furniture is more than functional. They are creations of Roberti Rattan also an elegant visual impact are extremely versatile.

Among all the furniture features a sofa that can hang suspended from a ceiling or a tree. This same line follows a chair with the same properties. According to its usefulness and its location is also important type of material. They are made with stainless steel coating that will allow us to enjoy them for several years. Both pieces provide an opportunity to rest directly on the ground. They also emphasize geometric forms, both the furniture itself and the cage that ensures the suspension.

They complement perfectly with details of nautical ropes that compose them. In this collection Roberti has also included a garden bed or terraces designed by Santiago Sevillano. Also with frames made of stainless steel and coated. Applying the ropes again with a highly detailed hand-woven. Similarly sun protection is guaranteed, so it will be excellent for beach areas.

We can spend several hours enjoying the outdoors without worrying about these details. As another interesting detail of the collection is the coffee table. With a guaranteed durability thanks to its aluminum lid and stainless steel base. Also another contribution of Santiago Sevillano is the sofa swing. A fun and sailor-inspired colors and upholstery earth, sky and deep blue piece. Enjoy this collection with wonderful gardens samples furniture and comfort.

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