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25 plants that bring butterflies into our garden

by Eva

25 plants that bring butterflies into our garden

Is there anything more beautiful than a garden full of color, vibrancy and flowers? A garden with butterflies! Butterflies are a perfect complement to the feelings of optimism and joy in our garden and balcony. We have all admired the wonderful butterfly flying from one plant to another to collect the flower nectar it needs to feed. It’s really fascinating to see the striking patterns and the variety of colors on the butterfly wings under the sunlight. To attract a crowd of beautiful butterflies, it is enough to design our garden in such a way, making the right adjustments and planting the plants that butterflies love. A prerequisite is to grow ecologically and not to use chemical insecticides.

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How do we design our garden to attract butterflies?

First of all, we create specific points for the butterflies to have a source of water, as water is essential for their survival. We avoid ponds or fountains as there is a risk that the butterflies will drown, and we prefer places with wet pebbles or coarse sand with enough moisture to allow the butterflies to thaw. It is important to have stones in our garden in various sunny spots. The stones act as points where the butterflies rest during the day, while warming their wings. In any case, our garden needs to have plenty of sunshine, as most plants visited by butterflies need long daily exposure to the sun. We do not have to have a very large garden for the butterflies to come in, as long as they have the right configuration and enough flowers. We can even do it on our balcony.

How do we choose plants to attract butterflies?

It is important to look for varieties of native flowers as they attract more butterfly species found in our area. We choose plants with lots of flowers and bright colors as they bring more butterflies into our garden. We select a specific flower color from each plant and plant in groups to give greater attraction to the butterflies. We maintain some comparable plants for butterflies to lay their eggs and grow into caterpillars, while we need different plants to attract adult butterflies. Finally, we definitely choose to plant some flowering shrubs where the butterflies can hide to protect them from the various birds when hunting them.

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Which plants do we choose to attract butterflies?

First of all, to attract butterflies to our garden, we choose brightly colored flowers in various shades of yellow, orange, red and pink such as lantana, vervena, starfish and puppy. Also, chrysanthemum, roses, ornament, world, azalea, mint, marigold and gin bring many butterflies to our garden. Many aromatic plants attract butterflies like mint, lavender and rosemary. Butterflies are also attracted to many vegetables, such as tomato, pepper, aubergine, as well as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, and are points of interest for butterflies, while in some herbs such as parsley, dill and moth butterflies leave their eggs to hatch. Finally, even some unwanted herbs such as nettle can be a pole attraction for butterflies.













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