Home DIY 25 Great Ideas With Tree Trunks That Will Originaly Upgrade Your Garden

25 Great Ideas With Tree Trunks That Will Originaly Upgrade Your Garden

by Eva

25 Great Ideas With Tree Trunks That Will Originaly Upgrade Your Garden

Fallen tree trunks here and there are great materials for nature-inspired garden decorations. They will add a rustic touch to your garden and will also be wonderful focal points for decorating the garden. Unfortunately, there are times when it becomes necessary to cut down trees. Sometimes they carry diseases and bacteria that threaten surrounding plant-life, sometimes their growth threatens other structures, and other times their roots can destroy a landscape. If you want a tree removed from your yard contact Folsom arborists for tree trunk removal and they will also be able to cut and trim the tree trunk in the size you need and want.

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A more immediate way to give back to nature and utilize the stump of the tree is to convert it into a unique and stylish planter. There are countless options for planters out there, but utilizing a stump helps you by getting rid of an eyesore in your backyard, as well as being a cost-free way to plant flowers or any other desired greenery.

Ideas With Tree Trunks






Ideas With Tree Trunks




















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