Decoupage for Easter eggs without glue


Decoupage is one of the simplest ways to “paint” – decorate Easter Eggs.

However, glue, varnish, etc. are chemical products that can only be used in decorative eggs rather than for edible eggs. But if you want to “paint” these Easter eggs with … paper, there is a way that is simple and economical. You will only need 1-2 more eggs and for the sake of accuracy only … the egg’s white.

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Decoupage in Easter eggs9Whisk the egg whites and use a bite as a glue to decorate the paper or paper towel as in a classic decoupage application.

Allow to dry and then, if desired, instead of the classic varnish, pass the surface with oil with a soft cloth.

The result aesthetically-looking is exactly the same as if you had used glue, the only difference is in the strength of the result, but this is something indifferent to the particular application since of course a Easter egg will not … be harassed by using or washing like a ornamental object treated in the same way.

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Decoupage in Easter eggs10

You can use small motifs even from simple napkins to festive designs you will find on all super markets or cover the whole surface of egg with paper.
To do this, stick to the egg the entire sex of a single napkin creating a “pouch” and then cut off the piece of paper that is left over.

Use paper towels or even fine paper with all kinds of designs, the result is really beautiful, the process of the simplest Easter construction, ideal for eggs that you want to offer as a Easter gift.

Decoupage in Easter eggs1 Decoupage in Easter eggs2 Decoupage in Easter eggs3 Decoupage in Easter eggs4 Decoupage in Easter eggs5 Decoupage in Easter eggs6 Decoupage in Easter eggs7 Decoupage in Easter eggs8

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