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DIY Easter tree: all you need to know about making a huge Easter decor

by Eva

DIY Easter tree: all you need to know about making a huge Easter decor

As Easter approaches, we start looking for new creative projects to boost our festive mood and transform our interior through thematic decor. Techniques for decorating Easter eggs, DIY baskets and nests, homemade cards, as well as many gourmet recipes … The fun and productive ideas are almost endless. But today, the one that grabs our attention the most is the decoration of an Easter tree. If you are curious to learn what this tradition is and how to adopt it easily, just read on.

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The Easter tree tradition and its history

Decorating a tree for Easter is a tradition born in Germany several years ago. At first, you would choose a tree or a bush in your garden that you decorated with emptied and hand-painted eggs. This tree was then the symbol of spring, that is to say of fertility.

Easter trees also come from a Swedish tradition that includes more ornaments. In Sweden, during the festive period, the branches are garnished with colorful feathers, eggs or figurines of hanging chickens. According to Swedish beliefs, the tree symbolizes the sweep of winter and the arrival of spring (the branches represent the broom). Others say that this tradition is linked to witchcraft – the branches represent a witch’s broom and the feathers indicate flight. Indeed, during Easter, children in Sweden disguise themselves as witches and do a sort of trick-or-treating for Easter eggs.

How to make an Easter tree

Over the years, the decoration of the Easter tree has grown in popularity throughout Europe. Today, we are no longer limited to exterior decoration. On the contrary, we invite the festive spirit to our homes too. To make the project a success, we use all of our creativity and imagination. There are many ways to make your own tree. In general, all you will need is a few branches, a vase or other suitable container, decorated eggs and all kinds of themed ornaments, including: rabbits, tulips, chickens and chicks, DIY eggs and many more.

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Decorate an Easter tree with children

If you want to share a manual activity with the children, you can include them in the project. As you prepare the tree (for an even more intriguing look, consider painting the branches), let the little ones make their own ornaments. Among the many solutions, we find the decoration of ceramic or plastic eggs with acrylic paints as well as the production of clay eggs. Once the eggs are ready, just hang them on your tree.

A wonderful way to bring a natural touch to your Easter home is through floral decoration with cherry branches. For an even more captivating effect, choose a vase with an original design. If, on the other hand, you don’t have cherry branches, don’t worry. Just add a few artificial or paper flowers to stay green.

In case you lack inspiration for decorating the Easter table, look no further. Because the tree you just created easily turns into a beautiful centerpiece. Besides, you are free to experiment with the materials used as well as the shape of your tree. An original idea and easy to try: use a mini artificial Christmas tree for the structure of the tree and then decorate with flowers and DIY Easter eggs.

































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