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Winter flowers – Warm colors in the snow

by Eva

Winter flowers – Warm colors in the snow

The flowers and their flowering symbolize of course spring, synonymous with renewal for the earth which is reborn from its cold winter ashes. However, nature abhors a vacuum, winter is not a period completely untouched by buds and floral colors. Some so-called rustic winter flowers have chosen the coldest periods to flourish, even in the snow. Here are a dozen species that can brighten up your garden this winter, as well as others to plant now, for spring flowering.

6 Plants that do not cause allergy





Pansy or Violaceae




Poet’s Carnation or Dianthus Barbatus




Muflier ή Antirrhinum




Bruyere or Erica





Daphne or Daphne Mezereum



Jade tree or Crassula Ovata




Armand’s Clematis or Clematis Armandii




Galanthus Nivalis or Snowdrops




Christmas Hellebore or Helleborus Niger




Winter viburnum




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