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Beautiful suggestions to decorate with amaryllis for Christmas

by Eva

Beautiful suggestions to decorate with amaryllis for Christmas

The amaryllis, or star of the knight, is one of the most beautiful flowers of winter. It needs very little care and does not need special soil to bloom. It is quite enough if you spray the tubers with water every few days. You do not need to water often and directly, because too much water will encourage the formation of new leaves. That’s why the flower is often placed in glasses and decorated creatively on festive occasions. In today’s post, we explain how to properly place amaryllis in the glass for Christmas.

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Since the flower can do without soil and take up little space, it is also grown in glass vases or glasses. And of course, a suitable decoration in the glass or around the vase should not be missing for Christmas. There are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The height of the glass vessel: a tall vessel gives the amaryllis more support. The preferred ones are tall, heavy jars, jam jars, and narrow-necked jars that are not easily overturned.

  • The variety of the flower. Varieties that have large flowers and are really impressive. The dark red color of its flowers is also very popular. Small flowers varieties such as “Tres Chic”, which forms red and white flowers, are particularly suitable for small glasses.

  • A pebble drainage layer at the bottom of the vessel prevents overflow. A layer of moss stores more moisture and gradually gives it to the tuber.

Early December is the right time to buy the sprouted tuber and decorate it properly. Alternatively, you can find flowers already in bloom in flower shops. These can also be decorated appropriately and festively.















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