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Wall paint technique Atmosphere by Osaka

by Decorator

Wall paint technique Atmosphere by Osaka

A modern decoration with effect multi shade for any room. The colors, rose, violet, green
and blue are perfect for the infantile and youthful dormitories.
Atmosphere is an extremely easy decoration to achieve, applied using only a flat brush,
giving a single coated mottled multicolour effect.
Tools: Roller (base coat) and synthetic brush Atmosphere (finishing).
Apply a coat of Fondo Opaco and allow o dry 8 hours. The finish is applied by dabbing the
surface using a brush or stippler and caressing the surface with the flexible spatula a few
minutes later. Decoration can also be carried out by means of direct application of the product
using a synthetic brush, in short irregular passes avoiding product overloads. The
more the brush is passed over the applied surface, the more the effect fades. Do not apply
below 10ºC. Allow to dry 24-48hrs.
If so desired, the finish can be protected applying a very thin coat of Protector Mate (the
protector slightly tones down the colour). Attention: Never use products of different
batch nº for the same job.



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