Home Garden DIY garden beds: 43 interesting ideas for country design

DIY garden beds: 43 interesting ideas for country design

by Eva

DIY garden beds: interesting ideas for country design

From this article, you can learn how to make the garden beds yourself not like everyone else: interesting ideas for creating a beautiful suburban area with an unusual design, good examples, and photos, step-by-step technologies, and recommendations. The information will help to orient in the choice of a suitable design, material and think over the size, as well as the nature of the placement of beds for growing vegetables.

DIY vegetable, herb, and flower garden design ideas in 76 amazing images

Most often, garden beds for summer cottages are classified according to the type of material on which they are made. However, aesthetic and functional aspects of the issue are of no small importance. Therefore, before proceeding to the choice of material, it is necessary to determine the shape of the beds, their purpose, and location on the site.

The planning phase is crucial. In the network, you can find a lot of good photo design beds in the garden for use on your site. Careful planning of the upcoming construction and drawing up the draft will save you from errors, will allow you to optimize the work and get a nice neat garden.

Recommendations for designing a garden with beds
In gardens with a small area, it is recommended to select the corner version of the beds. In such situations, radial or radial breakdown schemes will be optimal. Plantations distributed along the radial pattern will also look good along the fence. They will perfectly fit into the design of the site, even if you include them in the design of the area in front of the house.

How to plant spiral herbal gardens correctly – list with suitable plants and planting plans

If the area of the suburban area is large enough, then the central path will be the best place for arranging the beds. Along with it, you can set the design of a rectangular or circular shape.

Helpful advice! Flowerbeds can easily replace beautifully created home-made beds, photos of home-made designs with planted cabbage, pumpkin or salads of different varieties look just as good. Spectacular obtained combination of plants of different colors.

If you plan to plant a variety of vegetable crops, you should definitely take into account the compatibility of the selected plants, otherwise, you can not hope to get a big harvest from the beds. Especially for these purposes, there are compatibility tables, which indicate information about how successful the neighborhood of certain vegetables and plants will be.

In the following images, you will find great images for inspirations













































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