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The house that we built from nothing

by Decorator

Paradise in Pelion

Helen Psychoulis gets a warehouse and sets its own Paradise in Pelion Greece.

When we decided to stay in nowhere in an olive grove overlooking the sea, with the company of the foxes, wild boars and mountain fairies, we had no money, but just each other and a warehouse. A rectangular box of concrete blocks that before we had discovered mice colonies, who had to emigrate when we suddenly got the idea to do it “home”.

The two of us, without workers, without engineers and architects. That we hadn’t money to pay them, but also they would not have in mind our own paradise. As already had build our own view on a room to fit a studio for my own fabrics, one bedroom that we can sleep, and a dining room that can accommodate many-good, a desk and a library, a living room and a place to dock with books and your embroidery.

In 25 sq. Without partitions, with walls of concrete block of sadness and a crooked, earthen floor. It took us two weeks, many trips treasures slept in lofts from times of abundance, and something small for materials. The magenta color illuminated joy concrete blocks, red Marrakech cement straightened the floor.

In our room-house that we live, our faces gets the aura of the old jars of oil that lived here before us, we are facing an embroidered hand tiger from a everything shop in the popular, we stare olives from the opposite side, the weasels and Hedgehog, a red polka dot umbrella of the Jumbo, a life that was here a long time and a life that spells each day, detecting the sun’s orbit and the moon above our heads, the sound of cicadas, the generator and jack.

Tomorrow will dress the door with a cloth found in a shop. Its painted an alley with bougainvillea on an island. Till grow our own, the island is here.

A home paradise in Pelion1

A home paradise in Pelion2

A home paradise in Pelion3

A home paradise in Pelion4

A home paradise in Pelion5

A home paradise in Pelion6

A home paradise in Pelion7

A home paradise in Pelion8

A home paradise in Pelion9

A home paradise in Pelion10

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