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Scandinavian duplex in a nature decoration

by Decorator

Scandinavian duplex

If you are thinking of giving a different air to your home or have a second home a little house near the mountain, today’s post is perfect to give you some tips on decorating that I think are important when changing deco and give you some ideas product.

When changing deco home, to start always recommend white or neutral walls and parquet, and only with this we can turn it around we want to decoration and play with different styles, if you like the pictures occasional rustic brick wall as been put in the room, that will give a more rustic feel and very trend currently creating a place full of warmth and serenity space, also will be able to choose to paint some other wall as a dark gray or black color, it will mark the spaces very well, it will give a more modern and contemporary twist.

With decorative products is easy, add in white stays products of rustic wood to give it a more Nordic home country, a simple wooden bench or textiles in neutral colors create a serene and relaxing atmosphere as well as giving plenty of light to the stay. Lamps industrial style mixed with rustic style will give you a lot of personality to stay if you see the kitchen area, has not been a renovated kitchen or updated today but rustic table and neutral colors make it look like a new kitchen .

Scandinavian duplex1

Scandinavian duplex2

Scandinavian duplex3

Scandinavian duplex4

Scandinavian duplex5

Scandinavian duplex6

Scandinavian duplex7

Scandinavian duplex8

Scandinavian duplex9

Scandinavian duplex10

Scandinavian duplex11

Scandinavian duplex12

Scandinavian duplex13

Scandinavian duplex14

Scandinavian duplex15

Scandinavian duplex16

Scandinavian duplex17

Scandinavian duplex18

Scandinavian duplex19

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