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The Five Areas Of Your Home That Could Use A Little More Love This Year

by Eva

The Five Areas Of Your Home That Could Use A Little More Love This Year

Right now, spring may seem like a little way off, but the fact is that it will come around before you know it. We are already well past the shortest day of the year, and the warmer weather will not be far behind. That means that this is the perfect time to think about how you may want to give your home a bit of a facelift this spring. Spring cleaning does not have to be limited to airing out your cupboards and giving your blankets a clean before putting them away for another six months. It can be part of a broader project to help the home that you have lived in for years feel a little fresher.

It is a fact of life that after we have spent a certain amount of time living anywhere, we start to notice things that we would like to change, or areas that could use some improvement. There are only so many times that you can bump your head on that cupboard that has no business being where it is or be frustrated by how little light and fresh air the bathroom gets before you need to act. If you have been sitting at home this winter feeling like you need to make some changes, here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Start With A Fresh Coat Of Paint (Or Wallpaper)

Not every home improvement project needs to be a major money and time investment. It can be easy to put off changing up the colour of your walls or the style of the wallpaper precisely because it does not seem like a major job. There is always going to be time to do it at some point, so why bother doing it now? Well, the answer is because it is making you unhappy. There is no reason to sit around being frustrated by your décor, especially if it was chosen by your home’s previous occupants. Head online and look at some samples. Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember that a bold change could be just what you need. 

Give The Kitchen A New Lease Of Life

They say that the kitchen is the beating heart of every home, so if you do not enjoy spending time in it, then maybe it’s time to make some changes. During the holiday season you will probably have spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen cooking for family and friends, so all the little (or big) things about it that bother you may be fresh in your memory. You can start by looking at your appliances. Have you been putting up with a cooker that never does what it is supposed to? Are you sick and tired of running out of room in your fridge-freezer? Or is this year finally the time when you invest in a new dishwasher? Remember that new appliances should be more energy efficient, so while it may be a sizeable investment now, it will pay off in the long run. But why not think a little bigger than the appliances? A new sink could give you so much more room to work with, or new counter tops could redefine the look and feel of the whole space. A kitchen island can be a great way to give the room a centre or getting rid of a kitchen island could help you to feel like you have room to breathe.

Fixing The Roof

While the changes that we have discussed so far have been largely cosmetic, there are some areas of your home that may benefit from an upgrade which will require a more sizeable investment. If you are planning on staying in your home for the long term, or if you have already lived in this property for a number of years, then there is a chance that your roof could use some attention. With the number of extreme weather events such as storms, high winds and heavy rainfall on the rise, the exteriors of our homes will continue to come in for a lot of wear and tear. If you have not looked at your home’s roof in a while, it may be worth talking to a contractor about giving it an inspection. If you know that you are going to need some extra capital for a home improvement project, something that you could consider is equity release. Equity release allows you take a single tax-free sum from your property, provided you are over 55 and your property is valued for at least £70,000. If you are wondering how much equity you can release, talk to experts online. Receiving independent equity release advice can help ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, there are always going to be things about the bathroom that you would like to change. If you have always had a vision of what you would like your perfect bathroom to look and feel like, why not make 2023 the year that you commit to it? Large scale projects such as a complete remodelling will require a serious investment of time and money, but it will feel wonderful to have the shower, bath and/or sink that you have always wanted. Underfloor heating can be a real comfort during the cold winter months but will require some serious work. You could also consider looking at smaller changes, such as installing new blinds or window shutters. New tiling could make a huge difference without as much effort as a full remodel. You should also think about bringing in an expert to look at your pipes. Plumbing can come in for a lot of punishment during the winter months, especially if your home has been subject to a lot of storms. Regular check-ups can help you stay ahead of any major issues.

Get Into The Garden

The garden can be one of the most neglected areas in any home during the winter. It can often feel like there is nothing to be done when the weather is terrible, and everything is under a thick layer of frost. So, when the weather starts to improve, it is even more important that we get out there and give it some care and attention. Think about what you could do to attract more local wildlife to you garden. Many birds and other animals such as hedgehogs are struggling in the UK, so you could think about installing some bushes that provide lots of cover as well as attracting insects for them. A bird box, bird feeder or hedgehog house could be a great way of making them feel welcome. If you have always wanted to make your garden feel a little more personal, there are so many different things that you can do which will give it that extra element. Find out what plants grow well in your area and think about planting up those flowerbeds. Why not think about what you can do to make it a more welcoming space for friends and family, such as installing a deck or putting new lights up?

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