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What color to choose to paint furniture with Chalk Paint? Best ideas for perfect atmosphere

by Eva

What color to choose to paint furniture with Chalk Paint? Best ideas for perfect atmosphere

A versatile type of paint, easy to apply and with an attractive color chart that offers many possibilities. Copy the style of these environments with the color that each piece of furniture wears, and give a perfect  and fresh atmosphere in your home.

We have all heard of chalk paint, particularly it is one of my favorites when it comes to tuning and transforming furniture. It stands out for its ultra-matte finish and its good adhesion to practically any surface.

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It has been more than 20 years since first Annie Sloan developed chalk paint. She wanted to give furniture and objects a second life with a paint that was easy to use, that did not require prior preparation (sanding or primer), that was multi-surface (wood, metal, plastic…) and that was suitable for both interiors and exteriors.

Combining all these ingredients, she created the recipe for chalk paint, a painting that has marked a before and after in the world of decoration. In fact, at this point there are very few people who have not used it to renovate their furniture, or at least have heard of it. However, there are a number of aspects that you must take into account before painting your wooden furniture with chalk paint.

Paint with unprimed chalk paint but…

Chalk paint has excellent adhesion, but it must be taken into account that surfaces treated with very bright varnishes or old wood with stains caused by tannins or by use (water marks, wear, burns, etc.), They will need a primer for best results and to prevent stains from seeping through or through the paint.

Smooth or not smooth? Do I prime or not prime before painting with chalk paint? Surely at this point in the post you are still wondering and my advice is as follows:

Sand if the wooden furniture…

  • It has a very shiny varnish.
  • is damaged and has imperfections
  • it’s very dirty layers and layers of paint have been applied

Give primer to wooden furniture…

to unify the base tone so that stains do not penetrate the paint so that the absorption of the paint is uniform to neutralize odors

Finally, remember that all the time you invest in preparation before painting will contribute positively to its durability.

Antique furniture – farmhouse aged look in green color

Chalk paint colors, which one do I choose?

As soon as you browse a bit through the online paint stores, you will see that the menu is huge, and that there are also many shades within the same color. In white, for example, you can find up to 5 different ones. Therefore, before buying one brand or another, review the opinions and photographs that fans of this painting kindly upload to social networks: Pinterest, Instagram…

Some of the most fresh and trendy shades to choose are: White and cream shades, nautical blue, green color, greyish blue, intense gray, Rosa, gray, aquamarine

In the following gallery you can see amazing ideas for best chalk paint shades for give a perfect atmosphere to yours house furniture.















Images via: Pinterest

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