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Garden in the style of Provence at the cottage – the art of landscape design

by Eva

Garden in the style of Provence at the cottage – the art of landscape design

The theme of France has a magical attraction, however, not everyone has the opportunity to travel to the Mediterranean. You can try to design your own garden in the style of Provence. This work will not be difficult and give you a lot of pleasure.

The decoration of the planter area and hanging flowerpots will look spectacular. They can be made independently or purchased in a special store. Plants for them are selected completely different.

Finishing the terrace and the house, the construction of walls and retaining columns – a stone is perfect for all this. Entangled greenery or just old stones add mystique and mystery to your site.
Any garden should have a special place where you can retire. Sometimes there is an acute desire to escape from the hustle and bustle, reflect, enjoy the views of the blooming garden or immerse yourself in reading an interesting book.

To build a gazebo, you need to choose only materials of natural origin and light colors.

The selected style is characterized by flowering surfaces. Plant curly perennials near the walls that do not require complicated maintenance.

After they cover the walls, the house will gain some carefree.

To install a fountain, is thoroughly thought out concept and its appearance are necessary for a start. Provided that everything is done correctly, the fountain will become a wonderful component of the composition of your garden and will be its excellent decoration.

Paths are an important part of the garden. To match the chosen style, they should be twisted and narrow. But there is no need to make each path narrow: the central path can be normal, and additional narrow paths will begin from it.

Garden furniture is best set wicker. This style feature appeared due to the widespread vineyards in France, from which they wove furniture.

Of great importance for creating the Provence style is the use of objects that have abrasions and signs of old age. Garden decorations can be artificially aged, or you can try to find some old things in the attic or in the barn. The main thing to consider the following criterion when choosing such items – you should choose not too large and modern.

Do not rush to throw out old furniture and things: you can make charming DIY vintage decor for the garden

You must follow the color scheme of the chosen style: pink, purple, white and blue.
You can plant lavender, clematis, poppy, delphinium, anemone, sweet peas, catnip and roses, which have delicate shades.
As an addition, the use of cereal herbs that have pinkish, silver, golden and delicate shades is possible.

One site can combine greens, ornamental plants, spicy herbs and vegetables.

For trees on the site provides practical application. On a hot day it is so nice to hide from the rays of the scorching sun under a wide crown.
Provence style is characterized by a combination of fruit and decorative trees.
The main criterion in the process of designing a garden plot in the Provence style is comfort.

If you follow the above tips and follow all the recommendations, your garden will certainly after a certain time turn into a corner of France hidden from prying eyes.

















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