Home Garden Red Dragon: How to Care, Cultivate, Propagate, and 32 wonderful decoration ideas

Red Dragon: How to Care, Cultivate, Propagate, and 32 wonderful decoration ideas

by Eva

Red Dragon: How to Care, Cultivate, Propagate, and 32 wonderful decoration ideas

The red dragon is that plant that manages to steal the show. And do you know why? Simply because it contrasts with the green that dominates most foliage.

The warm and lively red of its leaves manages to put on a real show wherever it is placed, standing out and enhancing spaces and decorations of the most varied types.
And as if this stunning beauty wasn’t enough, there’s even more: the red dragon tree is one of the easiest species to

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cultivate, thriving both indoors and outdoors.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with it. Come with us to discover more about this amazing plant!
Red Dragon Tree: from Madagascar to the world

The red dragon tree, also known as “Dracena marginata” or “Tricolor“, is a very common decorative plant in both outdoor and indoor landscape design. Originating from Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the red dragon tree quickly became popular worldwide thanks to its decorative beauty and ease of cultivation.

One of the main characteristics of the species is its long, narrow, lanceolate leaves, which can vary from intense red to purple, passing through shades of pink and lilac. In some varieties, it is even possible to find leaves with only the edges being red.

When grown freely in the ground, the red dragon tree can reach up to 2.5 meters in height. But in a pot, the plant rarely exceeds 1.5 meters.

The red dragon tree has some interesting peculiarities. The first of these is its ability to clean the air, removing common toxins found in closed spaces, especially pollution and substances contained in cigarette smoke, for example. It’s also interesting to know that in some cultures, dragon trees are associated with beliefs of good luck and prosperity.

How to care for the red dragon tree?

It is not difficult to care for the red dragon tree, but it is important to be attentive to the basic needs of the plant. For this, check out the following tips:


One of the most important things to know when growing any plant is lighting.

In the case of the red dragon tree, the ideal is to place it in well-lit areas, but without direct sunlight, which can cause burns on the leaves. A corner near a window, for example, is perfect for it!

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Use a well-draining soil. The plant likes moisture, but excess can cause root rot. For planting in pots, the advice is to create a base with small pebbles.


Keep the soil slightly moist, allowing it to dry out between watering, but not to the point of becoming completely dry.

Reduce watering during the winter months when the plant’s growth is slower. On warmer and drier days, you can spray water on the leaves to avoid them burning or turning yellow.

The red dragon tree thrives in mild temperatures. Neither too cold nor too hot. For it, the ideal is to be grown in temperatures between 18°C and 27°C.

If the plant is exposed to very low temperatures, especially below 10ºC, it may begin to show deficiencies and difficulties in growth.


The best time to fertilize the red dragon tree is during the spring and summer, when the plant is in its active growth period. For this, use a fertilizer every two to four weeks or alternatively, add organic compounds to the soil, such as compost and manure.


The red dragon tree does not require regular pruning, but it is recommended to remove old or damaged leaves to encourage healthy growth. If you want to shape the plant, prune lightly the ends of the stems.

How to create a red dragon tree sapling? The simplest and easiest way to create red dragon tree saplings is by propagation through cuttings.

The red dragon tree is considered toxic to pets, such as cats and dogs, but also to humans.

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Tips for using the red dragon tree in decoration and design.

Focal points in interior projects: Plant the red dragon tree in decorative pots and place it in well-lit areas inside your home.

Use in design: Use red dragon tree in garden beds to add height and color. Combine it with plants of different heights and textures if you want to add an even more interesting appearance.

Creating outlines and hedges: Plant several red dragon trees along an outline or fence to create a colorful path in the garden.

Composition in outdoor pots: You can also create compositions in different pots for balconies, terraces, or patios.

Office decoration: Bring the charm of the red dracaena to offices and work environments. They add color and life to the space and can be used in floor pots or on tables.
Contrast in neutral interior spaces: Another great idea is to place the red dragon tree in an interior with light-colored, neutral tones. The plant will bring a burst of color!

See 30 more ideas for how to use the red dragon tree in decorating and designing your home:































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