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Quick ideas for Small spaces

by Decorator

Restrict the use of dark colors on large surfaces, apply only to specific parts, or accessories. This avoids the feeling of satiety and the room will look larger.

In small spaces is essential to maximize the natural light. Avoid heavy curtains and furniture that block the path of sunliThe mirrors are growing beyond the room and create the impression of larger space.ght.

The mirrors are growing beyond the room and create the impression of larger space.

If the bathroom is small see all available products thereis in themarket and select the most suitable for your bathroom.

Sliding doors are the best for small spaces and won the space needed for their journey.

Place in a living room a sofa bed. It is like having an extra bedroom when you need it.

Use full height and make warehouses or libraries up to the ceiling.

The wheels make a multifunctional furniture. Depending on the time and circumstances change the position of possibly using it to meet the needs of the moment.

Place In the corridor a low cabinet with small shelves for shoes. Place on top of decorative objects, so it is itself a decorative piece of furniture, but mostly functional.

Rather than put a table use a trunk in the living, so you will use it as storage space too.

Folding beds allows you to have two spaces in the same room, bedroom by night and in the day whatever you want.

If you do not have office space for you, dedicate a corner and place a piece of furniture cabinet that openw and become desk too.

In small rooms are preferable to put  floor of the same material everywhere. This way you convey a sense of continuity and seem larger.

The expandable dining table is built for small spaces. May be closed for you and your family, but when friends come can growing.

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