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Exciting Ideas to Help Design Your Small Loft Bathroom

by Eva

Exciting Ideas to Help Design Your Small Loft Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a good-sized loft space, it can be a great way to add more usable space to your house. Lots of people opt to create beautiful bedrooms with that all-important ensuite bathroom or wetroom. The limited space in a loft makes the task more tricky to accomplish, but the following are easy-to-follow steps you can follow when designing your loft bathroom.

How to design your loft bathroom

While there are many more ideas for your loft bathroom, we have hands-on experience with the following and guarantee that your loft/bathroom would look perfect.

Available space

A loft can be the space directly under the building’s roof (like an attic), storage space, or any adaptable space that you can tune for living. This indicates that the living area available varies from loft to loft, so you need to consider the dimensions you would be working with before making any permanent decisions. Check out more tips on how you can judiciously use the space when designing your loft. 

Let the shower be the center attraction

You do not have enough space to express yourself with all the bathroom gadgets, fixtures, and features you would like to install but one essential you can not do without is your loft shower. It should be located in a part of your bathroom that captivates at first glance, and everything else in the room should be designed around the shower. 

Bright/Warm Colours

There is no right way to choose colors for your loft bathroom when it comes to painting. You can throw warm hues or cold hues of paint on the wall; you can even mix bright and warm colors for a custom feel. If you are not looking to get your hands dirty, you can use wallpaper to bring your bathroom walls to life. 

Saturate with natural light

You can complement your choice of colors for your loft bathroom by allowing natural light to saturate the room. You should consider redesigning to accommodate more than one window, and if you can not accommodate multiple windows, you can make do with one extra-sized window. 

Experiment with floor patterns

Besides the aesthetic value of using patterned floors, the right floor design is a good distraction away from the less flattering parts of a loft bathroom. You can have people enthralled by your floor patterns, and they would not notice the sloping walls or small size of the bathroom. Check out more design inspirations to see how you can incorporate this idea into your bathroom design.

Using floating vanities to create the illusion of space

You do not want your bathroom space to feel cramped, and a simple way to give the impression of space is to use floating fixtures, features, and vanities. Having them float frees up room underneath that, in some cases, can serve as extra storage space. 


How much does it cost to put a bathroom in the loft?

The cost to install a bathroom in your loft ranges from £10,000 to £49,000. The price is determined by the number and quality of fittings/fixtures you want to be installed in your bathroom. An effective way to beat down costs when installing a bathroom loft is to DIY, but you should only do so if you have experience with construction or get help from someone with experience. 

Do you need planning permission to put a bathroom in a loft?

If you plan to convert an existing room into a bathroom, you need planning permission to install a bathroom in the loft. 

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