Home Decoration ideas Easel: What it is, and 40 creative and functional DIY furniture ideas

Easel: What it is, and 40 creative and functional DIY furniture ideas

by Eva

Easel: What it is, and 40 creative and functional DIY furniture ideas

The easel is traditionally used as a support for painting on canvas or even as a base for benches for construction work and more. However, it is foldable and practical, it is also a great choice for the composition of the structure of tables, cabinets, and incredible shelves.

With the spread of easel in modern environments, many stores sell furniture with easel structure in a variety of materials: there are traditional wooden, with iron legs (even in metallic tones) or in bright and vibrant colors.

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To get to know the easel furniture better, we have created a list of the best ideas, tips for choosing the material, and even suggestions for beautiful decorations for your space. Take a look and get inspired with 40 amazing ideas!

Office and coffee table

In recent years, many families have had to create a comfortable place to work from home. And since not everyone has the space to create a permanent office, it is essential that we use creativity to create a pleasant space and keep productivity levels high.

The coffee table is a creative alternative for your space. It is a practical, economical and functional piece of furniture. Even the easel itself can serve as a decoration for your environment. Try using books and potted plants to decorate it.

The glass easel is one of the big trends for offices and home offices. Try using the iron or wooden easel. They are the most durable.

Decoration with easel shelf

What about using the wooden easel bookcase in your modern décor? Because it is a flexible piece of furniture, it is possible to include it in different environments, such as the living room, the bedroom, or even the bathroom.

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The advantage of having an easel in the room is that you can organize your plants in pots. In addition, books are also beautiful to decorate or even create a nice reading corner.

Try using the iron easel in the bathroom. It is a way to organize beauty items and even replace the closet in compact environments such as the toilet.

Easel table for the dining room

The table is an essential piece of furniture for those who dream of having a beautiful and welcoming home. The solution you need to save is the decoration of the dining room and living room, however, to ensure a modern environment you need to invest in the table.

Like the other furniture listed here, you can buy the ready-made coffee table or make it yourself.

Tip: You can also use the coffee table to decorate your outdoor space, such as your balcony or patio. These are environments that need the comfort of a table with an easel to receive friends and guests for barbecues and events.

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The easel is usually made of wood or iron. Both options are durable, beautiful, and customizable. If you want to paint them, just buy the color of your choice and paint the easel table. In addition to being the most economical option, the wooden easel is durable and easy to combine. Every environment is beautiful. You just have to decorate it with cute colors and ornaments.

In the following collection of images, we have wonderful inspirational ideas for you.




































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