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Plush throw blankets – give your kids all they will need

by Eva

Plush throw blankets – give your kids all they will need

Have you ever thought about how to improve the quality of your kid’s room? How to make them feel as comfortable as possible, how to make them feel like they don’t only own the space, but also enjoy every second they get to be there. And have you ever struggled to take your kids to bed, because they didn’t want to sleep, insisted on yet another story, or just feared the monster lurking in some of the shadows? A lot of parents struggle with those issues, but there are ways and possibilities to calm your kids at night and get them to bed without putting up to a fight like that.


Make their space cozy and welcoming

This seems like such a simple step, but it is very important. Look at your kid’s room and imagine how they must feel when they enter. This is not to say that you should spoil your kids at all costs, but even a minimalistic room with all the essentials can feel like home. Do think about yourself, too. What makes you sleep good at night, what makes you feel safe and like your bedroom is a place you belong?

How a blanket can become the key item in your home decoration

Maybe buying your kid a lot of plushies can feel like spoiling them and that is fine. But especially their bed should feel like a safe place to avoid the same old struggle every single night. So how about some extra pillows and maybe some plush throw blankets? Like this, they won’t feel alone in bed and they can get warm and comfortable at night. If they feel like there’s a monster around, they can use their blanket and their faux fur throw to hide and protect themselves. 

Give your kids a story to tell

Don’t hesitate to spark your children’s creativity. It is without any doubt one of the most important things they have and kids really should get creative as much as possible, to train that muscle. Creativity is said to help with intelligence, too. So, get them that faux fur throw and let them feel like they’re a king or queen, ruling over their country. Maybe they’re a knight and they just came home from battle, successful of course. Or else, they’re an outlaw and they’re on the run from the evil king.

Armchair blanket: 30+ Creative and warm ideas for your decoration

This is how creativity works. There’s no need for you to go to a store and buy the most expensive costumes. Anything that feels like a cape will do, for example, a plush throw blanket. Maybe a stick as a sword, and they’re good to go. The bonus with the stories is that they won’t fear the monsters at night anymore. After all, they just became a hero and now feel like they can defeat all the demons that lurk in their dark. They will feel strong and have a lot fewer troubles falling asleep in the dark. 

And if you did get them that faux fur throw cape, they can use it to fall asleep after all their adventures.

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