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Party Essentials: Decorations, Gifts, and Other Things To Throw a Great Party

by Eva

Party Essentials: Decorations, Gifts, and Other Things To Throw a Great Party

Everyone loves a good party. But, in order to arrange a stress-free and seamless event, it is essential to take the party planning process seriously and allocate enough time to take care of even the most minor details. Of course, a lack of napkins or paper plates won’t ruin your party, but having enough party essentials at hand will ensure everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy the gathering to the fullest.

This article provides you with a party essentials checklist to help you sufficiently prepare for your upcoming event. Apart from cutlery and napkins, it includes decoration essentials, party games essentials, and a few more additional items. Continue reading to learn more about the things that will help you throw an excellent party!


Decorations are an indispensable part of any party. If you are throwing a child’s birthday party, you will need to buy balloons, streamers, and pinwheels to make the room look more festive. On the other hand, if you plan to throw a cocktail party, you must purchase more sophisticated and elegant decorations. In this case, you can use elevated candles, a bust statue, a vignette, and other items that will make the place beautiful without making it look cheesy.

Party Favors

If you wish to thank your guests for coming to your party and contributing to its success, it is essential to provide them with party favors when they leave. For example, if you are throwing a party for children, you might want to give each child a bag with a small toy inside. In contrast, if you are hosting an elegant party for your friends and family, you could give each guest a nice bottle of wine or pick personalized gifts for everyone as a way to thank them for attending.

Napkins and Tableware

For a party to feel like a party, it is essential to have enough tableware. Although you could use the spoons and knives you already have at home, it is best to be prepared and buy an additional set or two.

You might also want to make sure that your tableware is appropriate for the theme of your party. For example, if you host a child’s graduation party, you will need more colorful tableware than hosting a family gathering. Besides, in that case, you might want to invest in plastic knives and forks to prevent your little guests from injuring themselves.

Another vital part of setting up the table is choosing napkins. These can be found online in large quantities, so it is best to visit a few online stores and compare prices before making your selection. As always, make sure that your napkins match the event’s theme. If you do that, your party will surely stand out!

Games and Activities

One of the most enjoyable aspects of holding a party at home is playing games and entertaining guests. You can do it while everyone waits for food to arrive or once everyone has already eaten the main dish. Therefore, it is crucial to have some games and activities ready to go.

If you have a very young group of guests coming over, having plenty of coloring books and crayons available might come in handy. However, it is also great if you have some more sophisticated games at hand. You can, for example, purchase some board games and prepare party games like a scavenger hunt or a trivia night.

By participating in fun activities, everyone will have a chance to express themselves. It is an excellent way to ensure all of your friends have fun at your party and socialize with each other.

Food and Drinks

For many people, the paramount aspect that determines a party’s quality is the food and drinks served there. As such, you need to think about the best ways to satiate your guests’ hunger.

If you intend to host the event at home, you might want to prepare all of the food yourself. Nonetheless, you can enjoy food from a catering company and still have a great time.

If you are preparing food yourself, you’ll want to ensure you have all of the essential party food items at hand. For example, if you plan on serving a dessert, you will need plenty of cupcakes, cookies, and other treats.

If you are hosting a small party, it is best to focus on finger food, small-bite appetizers, and canapés. But, you should also make sure that you have enough drinks available at hand. It is a great idea to place a few bottles of wine at the table, as well as some fruit juices, sodas, and other drinks that will refresh your guests.

Final Word

Throwing a party can sometimes be overwhelming. Even the relatively simple act of selecting suitable decorations and gathering all of the essentials might be tiresome. However, party preparations do not have to be daunting.

Remember to pick suitable decorations and napkins that go well with the party’s theme. Furthermore, do not forget to prepare some fun games and activities for your guests. This way, you can make your party much more entertaining!

Now that you know what items are essential for throwing a great party, it is time to begin the process of setting up for your next event! Use this checklist to ensure you gather all of the necessary items. But most importantly — remember to have fun!

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