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9 Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

by Eva

Once the leaves start changing colors, we all know that freezing temperatures aren’t far behind. Cold weather signals the arrival of hot drinks, at-home movie nights, holiday gatherings and, of course, spending more time indoors. In short, it’s the perfect time to give your living room the cozy-chic makeover you’ve long been fantasizing about.

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From lighting your favorite candles to snuggling with a weighted throw blanket on the sofa, there are plenty of simple ways to add warmth and coziness to your living room. Whether you’re looking to give your living room design a complete overhaul or just want a few easy, low-effort ways to revamp the heart of your home, these cozy living room tips will help you design a space that is inviting and homey all year-round.

1. Select a warm neutral paint color

Painting your living room walls a neutral color can instantly make the space feel bigger, brighter and more relaxing. Before you run to the nearest paint store, though, keep in mind that not all neutral paint colors are created equal. If you want to bring extra warmth and comfort to your living room, reach for neutrals that skew on the warm side (e.g., White Dove by Benjamin Moore or Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams). 

2. Incorporate wood elements

Whether you love the pale oak wood that’s synonymous with Scandi-style or prefer the classic appearance of cedar, incorporating wood elements into your living room design is a surefire way to add warmth to your space. This could be as simple as decorating with small wooden figurines or installing wood floating shelves on either side of the fireplace. If you have more wiggle room in your home décor budget, consider splurging on a high-quality wood console table or a wood and metal coffee table.

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3. Pile on the comfortable throw blankets and pillows

When it comes to choosing throw pillows and blankets, be mindful of quality and design. More often than not, “decorative” throw pillows and blankets are just that — decorative. Rather than waste your money on scratchy throw pillows that are bound to end up on the floor, invest in fluffy pillows with feather-down inserts and soft covers. 

Likewise, choose a throw blanket that prioritizes your comfort. Instead of a thin blanket that doesn’t keep you warm, consider investing in a Gravity Weighted Blanket designed to help you unwind and relax after a long day.

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4. Add ambiance with lighting

Even if your living room gets tons of natural light in the daytime, you still need to have good lighting at night. To create a soothing and functional space for you and your guests, use a combination of lighting — table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and pendants — to create a beautiful, cohesive glow throughout. You can also place a lit candle on a coffee table or side table. Along with illuminating your space, adding candles to your living room can make your entire house smell divine!

5. Cover the floor with a soft area rug

Don’t get us wrong, hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can be a little stark and cold on their own. That’s where area rugs come into play. By placing an area rug on the floor, you can add instant charm to your living room and make it feel cozier underfoot. Not to mention, it’s a great way to add a little texture and color to your space. Want to earn extra style points? Layer a patterned rug on top of a jute rug for an ultra-inviting living room (note: this style hack works best for large living rooms!).

6. Style your coffee table

Styling a coffee table is an easy way to elevate your entire living room and give it a cozy, lived-in feel. To get started, you’ll need to invest in a beautiful tray — preferably one in a different material than your coffee table. Once you’ve found the perfect coffee table tray, fill it with a combination of practical and decorative items in varying heights (think: a tall vase, a short candle and a medium-sized stack of books). For an additional pop of color, consider adding some lush greenery to your coffee table. (Hint: If you’re running out of room on your tray, you can always stack your plant on top of some books!)

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7. Makeover your fireplace with peel and stick wall tiles

Is your ugly fireplace surround killing the cozy vibe of your living room? Give it a quick and easy upgrade with budget-friendly peel and stick wall tiles! From patterned tile to distressed brick, peel and stick wall tiles now come in an endless array of designs to give your fireplace a high-end look without the steep cost. Note: If you actually use your fireplace, be sure to look for “heat-resistant” in the description! 

8. Embrace contrast

All interior designers know that creating jaw-dropping contrast is the secret to making any space look stylish and memorable. Using contrast to your advantage will help maximize the cozy vibes of your living room and give it that “wow” factor. To create contrast in the living room, try mixing and matching different materials, textures, colors and shapes. For example, if you have a square, neutral-colored sofa, you might create contrast with brightly-colored throw pillows and a cognac leather accent chair with a rounded back.

9. Go dramatic with your curtains

If you want to create a show-stopping living room that oozes comfort and style, look no further than your window treatments. Whether you’re working with a small space or have plenty of room to go big and bold, the design options are endless. For added drama and visual interest, consider custom floor-to-ceiling curtains. Want to feel luxe and cozy? Velvet drapes in a rich jewel tone — like emerald green or sapphire — are sure to give your living room an elegant and modern feel.

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