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50 Fantastic ideas with outdoor decoration trends for spring and summer

by Eva

50 Fantastic ideas with outdoor decoration trends for spring and summer

Sunny days are coming slowly but surely. Our guide to regaining possession of your garden and terrace by adopting decorating trends.

Once the sun is the master of the weather, we seize the opportunity to take advantage of every ray of it and the lucky ones enjoy it on their balcony, on their terrace, or in their garden. To successfully attack this spring-summer season, we follow the trends of outdoor decoration. In the program; exterior decoration, garden furniture as a central element of your exterior, and nature takes back its rights. Decrypt them.


colorful garden furniture

Make way for garden furniture! A palette of bright colors illuminates the terrace and balcony. They give energy to this central space of the beautiful era. Green in all its shades is proud of a 100% natural result. We also appreciate the orange tones of the Made in design innovations, a sign of the resounding return of the seventies.

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Dress the walls

The exterior keeps one of the rules of interior decoration: dressing the walls of his terrace. Mirrors, frames, fiber wall decoration, and exterior walls are decorated for a modern spring-summer. The paint is also used to add remarkable originality.

Modular furniture

Optimization is the key to a successful design. For this, we choose functional, modular, and two-in-one garden furniture.

The curves

The trend of our interiors, rounded shapes have now been placed on the terrace and balcony. The desire to create a cocoon goes through a subtle decoration that, in addition to the colors that surround it, translates into soft curves.

Raw materials

Nature awakens by sublimating natural materials. Wood, bamboo, and shelves, these raw materials once again dominate the spring-summer outdoor collections of our favorite decoration brands.

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The accumulation of pots

Spring is also the season for the first plantations on the terrace which are placed in pots to move them easily. This year, they are accumulated in different colors, shapes, and sizes to easily decorate terraces and balconies.

Mini garden with vegetables

If in the countryside the vegetable garden is already widespread, it is a trend to a large extent in the city during these years of restrictions. When we can not plant vegetables and fruits in a garden, we bet in the mini vegetable garden placed in a wooden pot or in the indoor vegetable gardens, similar to planters.

Swimming pool, pond, and hot tub

A real explosion in swimming pools of all kinds. Whether you are destined for fish or have enough space to build a swimming lane or a more user-friendly designer pool, or just want to set up a hot tub, water features will be commonplace this spring-summer.


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Sage green

The color of the year voted by Benjamin Moore, sage is the shade of green that marks our decoration this year. With this dynamic interior / exterior decoration, it also finds its place on terraces and balconies. The natural look and the cool effect of the wind on the sunny days make it the tone of the season.

Pink and terracotta

One is revealed in light tones for floral style, the other is reminiscent of terracotta. Together they create a delicate atmosphere. Adopted on their own, pink and terracotta bring nature to a concrete terrace or balcony, for example.

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In decoration, as in fashion, white is the tone of spring-summer. It is still modern in the decoration of our outdoor spaces. We love it for its lightness and relaxing action. It can be adopted as an overall look associated with natural materials.

Shades of yellow

Curry, mustard, or pastel… yellow illuminate terraces and balconies. A central element of spring and summer, this bright star casts its rays on vases, tableware, fabric, and the structure of our seats in the environment.

















































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