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Make mini DIY greenhouses with bottles

by Eva

Make mini DIY greenhouses with bottles

Make mini-greenhouses with bottles… With plastic bottles, you protect the seedlings while creating a good environment to conserve moisture.

This tip is very cool to do with seedlings and young plants you want to plant from seed. After all, when you plant the seed, you have to be extra careful that the plant does not die at birth.

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That’s why it’s so important to make a mini-greenhouse with this tip that we brought in this post. This way you protect your seedling from high winds, predators and even rain. For seedlings are so fragile that even drops of water can kill them.

See how super simple it is to do. After all, just cut a bottle with scissors or stylus and you’re done. You already have your mini plastic greenhouse. Just fit in the vase and protect your seedling.

Make small holes so your plant can breathe. Or do it with the top and leave the bottle uncapped. It is simple, easy and practical to do to protect your seedlings.

Now that you have seen how to make a mini-greenhouse with bottles, check out some more unusual ideas to get inspired and creative in your garden.

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