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Deco trend Diy ideas: How to plant succulents in corks

by Eva

Deco trend Diy ideas: How to plant succulents in corks

We will show you how to plant succulents in corks. It’s a really cool idea to plant your succulents mini special and very creative. It is a great trend on the internet nowadays.

There are several incredible tips that can help you a lot when decorating your home with this idea. Also, get inspired by the tips and you will certainly be able to have beautiful ideas as well.

Deco trend: Small colorful DIY succulent flower garden pot in a pot

It’s really cool to be able to plant these mini juicy in corks… After all, succulents do not need much water and can withstand long periods of drought, which favors planting them in unusual places like corks.

It is a very beautiful idea of a creative vase that can make the difference when it comes to decorating a little corner of the house. This idea even looks great for making mini fridge magnets with succulents.

In this step by step, you see that it is super easy to learn how to plant juicy corks. Simply create a cavity in the cork to plant your plant and place it with soil or whatever substrate you prefer. See more beautiful examples.

Magical house and garden decoration with lavender











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