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Important things to do for your roses in the spring

by Eva

Important things to do for your roses in the spring

Important things to do for your roses in the spring to have the most beautiful and rich plants.

In order for your roses to bloom in large, rich and colorful shrubs, in the spring we must apply some important tricks, regardless of the variety. Roses are considered a classic in our gardens, so they should not be missing from your yard and garden.

If you follow the tips here, you will end up with some of the most beautiful roses you have ever had. Colorful, rich, big and absolutely wonderful, and fragrant.

English roses that grow well in a pot

Adaptation to the new season

In winter, many gardeners prefer to protect the rose bushes with different materials. Now that spring is coming, make sure their temperatures do not fall below zero degrees. From now on, you can prepare to open the covered bushes so that the flowers can adapt to the weather.

How do we do that? It starts with small holes and spaces for easy and easy air entry. Do it gradually, patiently, for several days. You will notice the difference as the plant grows and grows again.

Do not forget to keep the thermal insulation materials because you will need them again, next winter.

Pruning roses

The pruning of the roses is done when the buds are visible. Pruning is done sideways, and this helps to remove dead, damaged branches. Use a sharp pruning shears and cut sideways, away from the buds. Remove only the thinnest branches, the thinnest from a pencil. Important tip: The first 2-3 years after planting, the roses are not cut.

Moving the rose

If you notice that your roses are not doing well in the space they had until now, the rose moves in early spring. Make sure the new space is light, but the roses are protected from the strong afternoon sun. After moving, it is necessary to compact the soil well and constantly water the flower. Also keep in mind that the rose must be moved to a larger hole, which must then be filled with soil.

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Preparation of the support of the rose bush

In order for the roses to have a support on which they will grow, it is prepared already in the spring. Bamboo, metal, plastic and wooden supports are used.

The support not only offers a pleasant aesthetic, but also protects the roses from strong winds. Also, support is necessary because it does not allow the stems to bend due to the weight of the leaves and flowers. You can choose the shape of the bush through this support.

Choose a standard bracket, a vertical bracket or a wave-shaped bracket. The stems of the rose are fastened with soft wire.




















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