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English roses that grow well in a pot

by Eva

English roses that grow well in a pot

Roses are universally popular with gardeners, but there are those who think that they cannot grow their own rose bushes because they do not have a garden or the one they have is very small and there are no flower beds or borders available to grow them in the ground. However, that does not necessarily mean that we cannot grow roses, it is not all said, because if you have a small garden, patio, terrace or balcony, there is always the possibility of planting roses in pots or containers. It is possible and, in many cases, recommended.

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Even when we have space in the garden, the truth is that growing rose bushes in pots creates an attractive effect on paved or gravel areas and, in addition, gives us the possibility of enjoying the beauty of their flowers, their perfume and their development. . Everything is appreciated in detail, because we usually have it closer.

If we decide, the first thing to keep in mind is that the rose bushes will grow better if we grow them in large and resistant pots. In addition, when we go to choose the container that we are going to use, it is interesting to select it based on the color.Β  Mature gardeners commented that roses in shades of orange and yellow look best in terra cotta pots, but pink and red roses look better in containers made of dark oak, gray stone, or nearly so. blacks. Something that can be seen in many images and, certainly, it is right.

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They also advises placing potted roses in a bright position that receives four to five hours of sunlight, not forgetting that darker roses can crack in the midday sun, so it is interesting to place them properly.

In general, the growing conditions are similar to those of any potted flowers. It is advisable to use pot feet to facilitate drainage. Watering is usually better in the mornings, and we must do it on the substrate and not on the foliage. The frequency of irrigation will depend on our area. In normal conditions, two or three times a week is sufficient, but in warmer climates it will be necessary to water daily. To be on the safe side, it is best to dip your finger into the substrate to check if it is still wet or even invest in a soil moisture meter. It is also advisable to fertilize them with a liquid manure every ten days when they are active.

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When rose bushes are dormant, they should be pruned slightly more vigorously (up to 10 cm) than those grown in the ground, to induce vigorous new growth from the base.

We have selected excellent ideas with English rose bushes to grow in pots or containers that also give off delicious fragrances. Most are shrub rose bushes, but we must not forget that there is also the possibility of using short climbers that can bloom repeatedly in pots placed against the walls.










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