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Iberis in the flowerbed – 30 amazing ideas for inspirarion

by Eva

Iberis in the flowerbed – 30 amazing ideas for inspirarion

Iberis is an evergreen, perennial plant with intense flowering during most of the spring. It is a plant that prefers the sun and sunny planting positions. In horticulture it is used in rock gardens planted in groups. It is also suitable for vertical gardens.

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SizeIberis is an ornamental herbaceous plant, with a height and width that reaches from 10 centimeters to half a meter. It takes around 2 to 5 years to reach its final size, after which it does not grow significantly.

Foliage – Its dense, dark green foliage, lightly draped above the ground, can create the appearance of a rich, thick carpet maintained throughout the year, adorned at times with its magnificent blooms.

Flowers – Its flowers are pure white. Tiny, at first flat and later more round and “full”, they grow many together, right above the foliage, to which they give a silver appearance, in late spring.

Position – Loves sunny positions and can be planted in places protected from the cold and strong or hot wind but also more exposed locations.

Watering – It needs moderate watering, especially in the hot summer months, but also in the early days until it is established in a garden.

Soil – Grows successfully in various types of soil, with different textures and varying acidity values, even those that are quite poor, as long as they have good drainage.

Durability – Once established in a location it is resistant to drought and at the same time withstands frost and low temperatures down to -10 or even -15°C. It can still survive in barren and dry soils, where most plants struggle.

Maintenance/Care – Its care is very simple. It usually does not encounter problems from insects or diseases, so to keep it healthy and beautiful, a light pruning is enough once it has finished blooming.

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It is suitable for flower beds, borders, pots and planters, garden edges, balconies, entrances, path edges, rock gardens and gravel gardens, loose or coastal style plantings and in or over stone walls.

Today we have for you some great ideas for growing Iberis in the flowerbed





























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