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How to spread a true hygge feeling at Christmas time in your home

by Eva

How to spread a true hygge feeling at Christmas time in your home

Have you already heard the term “Hygge Christmas”? And do you know what exactly is behind it? That’s the warm, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that we create at home in the pre-Christmas season. No doubt this is the Scandinavian art of spreading a Hygge feeling at Christmas in your own home and spending time with friends and family. For our northern neighbors, it’s especially important to feel comfortable at home while it’s freezing cold and dark outside. There the winter days are cold, the nights are long and icy, everywhere you see faded colors outside and there is little sunshine. To meet these unfavorable weather conditions, you need a hyggelige atmosphere at home. In the following, we will show you some great ideas on how to imitate the Scandinavian Hygge feeling for Christmas in your home and celebrate the coming party in a particularly cozy atmosphere.

Christmas decoration – creating a fairytale for Christmas

The main feature of Hygge Christmas is the cosiness you feel everywhere in your own home. The Hygge feeling is the typical feeling of comfort and security that one feels at Christmas. To achieve this, you have to be completely natural.

You do not need an overloaded ambience. On the contrary, it must be simple and simple. How the Scandinavians do it – furniture made of light wood, soft blankets and little Christmas decoration. There they can spend endless time with their loved ones and drink Glogg. In the Hygge style there is no stress, here there is above all peace. One feels relaxed and secure, surrounded only by loved ones, and enjoys every moment together.

In order to transfer the Scandinavian Hyyge feeling to your own home during Christmas, you have to set up a cozy corner. This cozy corner can be next to the fireplace or by the window. Design these with warm cuddly soft fabrics. There are cuddly pillows and self-knitted wool blankets, maybe even a sheepskin in demand. So you turn this place into a contemplative retreat, just like the Scandinavians. There it smells of freshly brewed coffee or aromatic herbal tea during the day. In the evening or after a long walk outside, you can drink a hot drink, which is a true culinary delight for all the senses. Here we mean the Scandinavian Glogg. This is the typical drink in the north, especially in crisp cold, and it also contributes a lot to the special hygge feeling at Christmas at home.

Adorable modern Christmas decorations for all tastes

In following images you can have inspiration on how to set that style in your Christmas deco.


















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