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How to grow Queen Victoria Agave in your pot and garden

by Eva

How to grow Queen Victoria Agave in your pot and garden

An elegant succulent, perfect for growing in pots and gardens due to its peculiar decorative shape. As well as specimen or in rockeries together with other species.

Small succulent that grows in the form of a rosette between 30-50cm in height. Triangular, fleshy, hard and rigid dark greenleaves with white margins. They are 15-20cm long and about 6cm wide with spines at the end of the leaf. Flowers in cream-white and sometimes reddish funnel-shaped groups. It blooms once in its life and then the plant dies, usually after 5 years depending on weather conditions.

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It is a species that is in danger of extinction. It has medicinal properties, is depurative, laxative and reduces cholesterol.

These Cacti have a great look to them, and grow so evenly spaced and perfectly round that you’d swear each leaf was placed by hand. Plant Queen Victoria Agave in clusters or rows to get the most out of this effect. Since the Queen Victoria Agave is relatively small, you can achieve the maximum effect with very little available room in your landscape. Being an Agave, Queen Victoria are naturally tolerant to drought, but perform best when irrigated occasionally. Plant Queen Victoria Agave in the full sun or partial shade for best results.

RECOMMENDED USE: Queen Victoria Agave is a very versatile plant. Its compact size and ornamental appeal make it an ideal candidate for decorative containers. In the ground, it looks great planted in cactus and succulent gardens, nestled among large boulders, or incorporated into raised planters. Avoid planting it too close to large shrubs that could obscure its beauty.

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Hardiness: This Agave is hardy to at least 10ยบF and possibly lower.
Sun tolerance: Be sure to plant it in full sun
Watering and feeding: It is very drought tolerant and develops the tightest form when
watered sparingly. Queen Victoria Agave does not need to be watered much in the
Soil requirements: Welldrained soil.
Pruning: The nonoffsetting forms do not require any maintenance, but the pups of the
offsetting forms should be thinned periodically.





















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