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5 Common tools used by Plumbers

by Eva

5 Common tools used by Plumbers

Plumbers are an essential part of the community. They help to keep homes and businesses functioning properly by providing plumbing services such as water heater repairs, drain cleaning, and more. This list is meant to educate you on what tools a plumber uses and how they use them.

No matter where you live, you will at least face plumbing problems once a year. In some of the best cities in the US, Mesquite, Tx, which is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in the country, you will notice plumbing issues.
So, when you are living in such a good city, you must pay attention to your house’s plumbing. Moreover, there are more than 2000 Plumbers in Mesquite TX, that you can seek help from.

A plumber will have the best knowledge about the problem, and you must always consult them rather than try to fix it yourself. In addition, they will have the right tools for the job to ensure it is done correctly.

Here are some of the standard tools that plumbers use daily. 

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a tool used to tighten or loosen pipes. Pipe wrenches come in various sizes and are usually made from solid steel with a rubber grip for comfort. The pipe wrench has two jaw faces that fit around the pipe and can turn it clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on your goal. When working with pipes, plumbers will often use several different-sized wrenches to adjust their grip as needed based on the specific pipe size they’re working with.

A pipe wrench is also an adjustable wrench, monkey wrench, swan neck wrench, or gas pump handle.

Pipe Cutters

  • Pipe cutters are a standard tool found in the toolbox of a plumber. They can be used to cut copper, steel, and plastic pipes.
  • A pipe cutter makes a clean, straight cut in the pipe. It creates an incision with no jagged edges or burrs, which would otherwise cause corrosion and leakage over time.
  • Pipe cutters are also commonly used to connect pipes together by simply slotting them over each other and then twisting until they fit tightly together – this joins them securely using friction to form one sealed unit without any need for welding or soldering.
  • You can also use your pipe cutter to remove the insulation from pipes by simply clamping it around the section you want to expose and then cutting through it with ease (if you’re working on smaller jobs like repairing small leaks that don’t require significant repair work).

Tubing Cutter

There are three different types of tubing cutters:

  • Tubing nippers. These are small and have a cutting wheel, which creates a clean cut. They can be used for copper, PEX, and CPVC tubing.
  • Tube cutters. These are larger than the nipper version and feature two handles for leverage in cutting. They can be used for copper and CPVC tubing but not PEX, as it would be too thin to grip safely with these models.
  • Pipe wrenches/cutters. These wrenches are explicitly designed to cut metal pipes that may be too tight or hard otherwise without damaging other parts of your plumbing system, such as your metal pipes themselves or nearby walls if they were made out of wood instead!


Pliers are a tool that can be used to grip, bend and turn. They come in handy for cutting, pulling, and tightening. They are also used to hold and turn something. Pliers help you cut, tighten and loosen things too!
It is assumed that all the plumbers in Mesquite, Tx, will have this tool in their toolbox as it is one of the essential tools. 

Toilet Auger

Toilet augers are one of the most commonly used tools by plumbers. They’re used to clear blockages in toilets and can be found in different sizes and shapes.


Plumbers use many tools, but these five are among the most common. They can be used to repair a broken pipe or install new items in your home.

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