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Which Window Shade to Choose for Your Home in 2022

by Eva

Which Window Shade to Choose for Your Home in 2022

Have you been thinking of revamping the look of your home? Then we suggest getting new window shades! These shades have a role to play in enhancing the look of your home, but they often get overlooked. There are beautiful roller shades, zipper track window shades, or even simple wooden ones to choose from, and each is more beautiful than the next.

So how to choose a suitable shade for your home? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. This article will list the 10 most popular types of window shades to help you pick the one that’s right for you. So, let’s get started!

Which Window Shades to Choose

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades are the most popular kind of window shade. They are modern, minimal, and work with any type of room and design. They are straightforward and available in several material and color options. 

If you are unsure about what shades to get, we suggest going for roller shades. They are functional, affordable, and work very well with any room!

  • Window Shutters

If your style is more traditional, you will love window shutters. They are fixed or louvred slats attached to hinges for easy opening and closing. They are usually made of plastic or wood and are great for controlling the amount of sunlight entering a room. Window shutters are convenient, too. And they provide reasonable protection against unwanted intruders as well as the strength to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Window shutters are perfect for those homes with a traditional design. They even are suitable for Victorian-style homes thanks to their exquisite style.

  • Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made out of plastic, metal, or wood. They consist of strips of cloth known as cords or tapes and can rotate up to 180 degrees. They can either be facing inwards and outwards or overlapping and facing the same side. The most common slat width is 16–120 millimetres with 25 millimetres width. 

Venetian blinds are usually great for office buildings. But if you like a professional look in your home, Venetian blinds will be the perfect addition. 

  • Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are also known as matchstick shades or bamboo shades that consist of sophisticated neutral colors. They have excellent complex textures and are made from wood, grass, and exotic reeds.

Woven wood shades are suitable for those who want more of a casual look for their home. These shades have a natural exotic look to make you feel at one with nature.

  • Zipshade Solar Shades

Zipshade solar shades are a very contemporary design of window shades. They can cover almost 235 square feet with their fabric and allow minimum sunlight. This type of shade will enable you to enjoy the natural light and avoid extreme heat. Solar shades are perfect for patios and rooms that overlook beautiful scenery.

These solar shades for windows are meant for those who like to look into their backyard or garden. It provides a sense of openness while protecting you from the rays outside.

  • Cellular Shades

Speaking of contemporary window shades, you can never go wrong with cellular shades. This type of shade consists of a honeycomb design to insulate one’s home and maximize energy efficiency. They can be either single, double, or triple cells. These are made of cloth-like materials such as bonded polyester or spun lace.

Cellular shades are suited for minimalist home designs. They do their job while maintaining a casual look.

  • Shoji Panels

We are huge fans of the Japanese style of living. Naturally, we fell in love with this style of window shades as well! Generally used as doors or dividers, Shoji panels make excellent window shades, too. These panels are made of bamboo or wood along with transparent rice paper. The design allows natural light into the room and facilitates proper ventilation.

Shoji panels are an excellent choice for those who have a home in the countryside that faces natural scenery outside. They look casual yet sophisticated and are meant for those with a minimalistic taste.

  • Drapery

Drapery or curtains are another commonly used window shade. They are available in various patterns, colors, sizes, materials, and shapes, so you will surely find something to suit your decor! They are hoisted on a rod to remain stationary or be pulled when required. Modern ones are connected to remote-controlled computers and push-button pads for easy use.

Curtains do need a little maintenance. So if you are ready to take care of them, curtains are a great choice! They can be sophisticated, casual, or elegant — anything you want for your room.

  • Sheer Curtains 

Sheer or net curtains are made from fabric that, as the name suggests, is a barely-there thin material such as nylon, rayon, silk, or gossamer. While you can choose various colors for your curtains, the common choice is white and multiple shades of white. They provide privacy while allowing natural air into the room.

Sheer curtains are incredibly sophisticated. If your taste leans towards elegance, we suggest getting them for your home.

  • Austrian Shades

Last but not least comes Austrian shades. They are fabric shades that are gathered in scallops. They can be made of heavy or light materials and usually come with strings for easy use.

If your taste and the style of your home tend toward the luxurious, then the Austrian shades are the right choice for you. They add a sense of drama and grandeur to rooms and reflect your expensive taste.


Choosing the right window shade always boils down to your preferences — your sense of style, the design of your house, and other considerations. You might be a classy roller-shades kind of person or a quirky Venetian blinds kind of person. The main thing is to follow your instincts and have fun! If you are looking for a reliable window shades company, check out Rollac’s selection for an affordable and valuable collection. All the best!

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