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How to add charm to your garden with flower ideas under trees

by Eva

How to add charm to your garden with flower ideas under trees

A flower garden under the trees is a beautiful and charming addition to any yard and garden. Here are some ideas that can help add charm to your garden.

Choose flowers that match the texture and aesthetic of the tree. For example, if you have a tree with smooth bark, choose flowers with soft and smooth textures such as carnations or cyclamen.

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Choose flowers of different colors and heights to add dimension and depth to your garden.

Create patterns with your flowers. For example, you can create a circle around the tree with a certain type of flower or place flowers in a row along the trunk of the tree.

Use a mix of annual and perennial flowers to keep variety and interest in your garden.

Add decorative elements such as stones, decorative gravel, mini fairy gardens, flower pots, strollers, bicycles, etc.

There are many flowers that can survive under trees, but this depends on the soil conditions and the level of shade the tree provides. Some of the flowers that can tolerate shady environments are:

Bellflowers: This is a perennial favorite that survives and flourishes in shady places.

Bulbs: Several flowers that come from bulbs such as lilies, daffodils and orchids do well in shady areas.

Ornamental Plants: Many ornamental plants, such as palms, azaleas and palm trees, can tolerate shady areas and produce beautiful flowers.

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Other plants that can withstand under trees are: Hydrangea, Cyclamen, Fern, Camellia, Azalea, Vigonias, Dipladenia, Kalanghoe, Hosta.





























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