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Have you every seen again a bed on the ceiling? And yet there is…

by Eva

Inspirational bed-lift to save space created by the innovative design team, Décadrages.

Demand for space saving is high in modern western societies, with more and more people living alone and increasing property costs in all major cities lead residents to smaller living spaces.

Creative Adaptable Shelving system – Fishbone

Instead of classically folding the bed on the wall to save space, the French furniture company Décadrages created more space in the studio apartments by raising the bed on the ceiling.

The operation is done with a mechanism that requires only one hand. The bed rises as much as the user wants.

The bed is the alternative to the famous Murphy bed, which was designed in the early 1900s and which folds over the wall to save space.

The Décadrages describe their find as an “automatically folding loft”.

It creates a comfortable sleeping area and eight more square meters of living space.

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