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Great outdoor diy giant light balls for Christmas

by Decorator


The advantage of living in is that we can beautify the yard outside the house as we want and as we like with spectacular decorations. And now is the best time of year when we can create wonderful scenery, here’s one more reason to follow all these tips. What it is? About those globes large and bright that we can be made with ease by ourselves, of course if we have a model after which we take.

We all have at least one facility in house classic tree of colored lights that left many previous years but that was pretty dated, so we can use successfully in such a simple and effective project. And if you do not know how to start it, will show us through the tutorial today.


But it’s do a quick inventory of objects that we need. For this project we should acquire a larger piece of mesh thin wire, which we find in any store that sells building materials, the kind that is sold by the kilogram and is not very expensive, and installation old tree.

Step 1

Cut a piece of netting with scissors so as to realize a globe usual size.


Step 2

After you have given the respective form, light installation on the exterior wrap, leaving one side long enough to connect to the electric enegia.


So here’s how a classic tree plant get some spectacular decorations, decorated just right for the home and garden.






Images via: Pinterest

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