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11 Great Ideas for Christmas Crafts with CD

by Eva


Invest without fears in Christmas Crafts with CDs to decorate your Christmas cheaply.

Check out 11 Christmas Craft Ideas with CD, to take advantage of the bright circles you have at home. Depending on the type of craftsmanship you choose you can use the many old CDs and DVDs you’ve been saving, such as putting together a Christmas mini-tree with dry twigs and used CD embellishments.

You can also take advantage of the remains of materials and supplies that you already have at home, to decorate the CD before using it. Mix of materials and mix of styles can also be employed by yourself.

Christmas Craft Ideas with CD

Among the 11 Christmas Craft ideas with today’s CD stand out the Christmas tree ornament with CD decorated with green wool and pedraria, as if it were a Christmas mini-tree and the ornament for door, wall or window, with several CDs or DVDs together forming a nice snowman.

To make star ornament for Christmas tree from CD you will need:

     Old CD or DVD;
     Common scissors;
     Metal paint or glue glitter, according to your preference;
     Cord of your choice, with the style, thickness and color of your preference;
     Star Template (image below).


Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Transfer the template to the CD and trim. Decorate your CD star with the material you want. Let it dry. And tie a piece of string to hang. And it’s ready.

Check all ideas in following images.












Via: artesanatopassoapassoja.com.br

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