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Great ideas to cultivate the Christmas tree in a pot and admire it for many more years

by Eva

Great ideas to cultivate the Christmas tree in a pot and admire it for many more years

Christmas tree is the focal point of the Christmas decoration, because it is one of the main symbols of the Holy Feast and brings more solemnity into the house. However, the thought that you have to cut down a healthy, at least eight-year-old tree each year can ruin your festive mood. That’s why more and more people are opting for a living Christmas tree in the pot, which can be planted in the garden after the party.

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With care and planning, your Christmas tree can serve as a living reminder of beautiful moments with family and friends for many years to come. But a Christmas tree is not a houseplant and is not easy to live in a pot. There is a lot to keep in mind, so that your tree really survives the winter. We give you some tips on how to properly cultivate your own Christmas tree in a pot.
Choose the right Christmas tree in the pot when you buy

Many Christmas trees, which are sold in pots at Christmas, first grow in the soil of large plantations and are dug up and repotted shortly before the sale. However, the root system of the trees is usually wider than the crown and is cut off to fit into a pot. The tree may then look healthy and fresh, but will die like a felled off only after a few days due to its damaged roots.

Buy only smaller trees (under 120 cm high) from nurseries that grew up in a pot. Among other things, you recognize these trees on a heavily overgrown, moss-covered soil. Lift your tree slightly out of the container to look at the roots. They should look as fresh as the stem and the soil must be moist. That’s how you recognize a healthy young tree.

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Bring the Christmas tree in a pot home

In winter, all plants are in a state of rest. You need a bright and cool place and less water. However, indoors it is warm and the air is dry in most cases. If you bring your Christmas tree in the pot so immediately in the house, that would be a great shock for it. It can quickly dry out and wither despite watering.

Instead, you should first place your tree in a light and cool, but frost-free place for a few days. The winter garden, a bright garage or glazed terrace are best suited for this purpose. Nevertheless, during this transitional period it is important to ensure that the tree is still moisturized. Water your tree about every few days to keep the soil slightly moist. Avoid drying or waterlogging.

Bring the tree into your room just before Christmas and keep it there for no longer than two week. Choose a light spot in the room that is as far from radiators as possible. Your Christmas tree is very heat sensitive in its hibernation. Always keep the soil slightly moist and spray the needles with a spray bottle daily. Do not use heavy ornaments or warming fairy lights that could damage or burn needles and twigs.

Alternatively, you can hold your Christmas tree in the pot and on the balcony, in front of the entrance or in the garden and simply decorate there. So you do not take any chances that something will go wrong when you go from cold to warm. It looks especially enchanting when the tree is slightly covered by real snow. Of course you should not water the tree outside, otherwise it will freeze. Only in the spring will get water again.

Plant the Christmas tree in the pot properly in the garden

Put your Christmas tree in the pot after the festival again in a bright, cool place, e.g. in the garage, the conservatory or on the glazed balcony and pour it regularly. The transplanting of the tree in the garden takes place only in spring, from March. Determine the implantation site in advance and note that the outdoor Christmas tree can grow up to 30 cm per year. For the next festival, you can not bring the Christmas tree back into the house, without damaging the roots or even fell. Instead, you can decorate your Christmas tree outdoors and impress the neighbors.

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Carefully remove any existing jute or nylon from the bale and place your tree in a pre-excavated hole. Pour a good few days, then the tree can be left on its own.

Conclusion: Do not contribute to the felling of young healthy trees for Christmas. Buy a Christmas tree in the pot and watch it grow. This creates beautiful memories for many years.





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