Home Christmas Cool and trendy DIY ideas to decorate Christmas with ladders

Cool and trendy DIY ideas to decorate Christmas with ladders

by Eva

Cool and trendy DIY ideas to decorate Christmas with ladders

In many cases we have shared ideas to decorate with stairs. This time we will see some suggestions for Christmas decorations with this item that many have at home and are very fashionable in decoration.

The possibilities are endless. For example, a Christmas corner with a white staircase ladder to which we have added ornaments in natural tones such as pine nuts, stars with cannabis yarns or sisal, wicker baskets and more. If you like rustic decoration, this suggestion is for you. In addition, if you are looking for originality, this is a good choice to get an alternative Christmas tree to get away from the usual and classic.

Continuing with the rustic line we find another choice, it can be an old wooden staircase, with garlands of lights, some narrow branches of trees and silver and gold Christmas ornaments.

Deco trend: Decorating with ladders

Want more ideas? see the pictures below for smart and trendy suggestions that will surely magnify you.

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