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iron furniture ideas

Do you want to give a different touch to your home? Maybe give a little romance to your rooms is an excellent idea. Today we’ll talk for a material which can achieve impossible shapes, and refer to the forge. This is a traditional but really versatile material; is that as we will show below, wrought iron can be used for a variety of furniture and decorative elements.

We love the proposal Virginiart, a home design and decoration specializing in wrought iron furniture, from headboards, lamps and mirrors. They offer an interesting catalog of products but also make furniture to order, because their products are completely handmade.

Wrought iron coat hooks

It is not new, forging racks has been used ever since. We should note that this material can be molded at will, creating shapes and figures of the most striking, able to extend the arms to hang our jackets or coats, for example. You can opt for the more traditional coat racks, but with modern touches, such as hangers, or opt for more modern coat hangers that are anchored directly to the wall.

Forge headers

Forging heads are also a great classic. However, we love Virginiart designs fully adapted to the present, which can result in that extra flavor you wanted to get to your bedroom. Imagine a head shaped branches, a tree in which to relax and dream. There are many models, also through those elements that recreate the sky as the sun and moon. Moreover, as there are a variety of colors, you can adapt your headboard to the rest of the decor without problems.

Beautiful mirrors forging

Mix the mirror and wrought iron can give as a result mirrors as flashy as these. ovals that are bordered by forging branches. They may be square or newer models with different round mirrors of different sizes. Forging will give a different, ideal for any bedroom, hall or bathroom tap.

Wrought iron benches

Although the wooden benches and stone are really beautiful, forging is able to lighten the visual load these seats. So, if you have little space at home but you fancy placing a bank, this stuff is really interesting. As in previous cases, you can choose from a host of different, more ornate or simple designs, as well as from a variety of colors, adding that you can also choose the fabric upholster the padded part.

Wrought iron lamps

The wrought iron lamps are fashionable. However, in addition to the conventional ceiling lamps, ideal for environments with class, you can opt for newer models. We love the wrought iron lamps incorporating most interesting designs.

If you want to see more handcrafted furniture forging Virginiart you can visit their web site www.Muebles-de-Forja.es where you’ll find many more proposals.

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Via: estiloydeco.com

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