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Fresh kid’s room: Happy decor and practical ideas

by Eva

It is known that the original people like the characters in stories books, but also those in cartoons, characters that for them represent a fantastic and enchanting world. We also know boys are passionate about cars and doll girls. So we thought to offer you some practical ideas to arrange their room so that you make the most of the available space, but also bring them to the characters they love and attract, Precisely because they invite them and enjoy it immensely.

Feng Shui for kids room


To make the children’s a surprise, you can choose a large photo wallpaper for their room as a wall with a favorite character, a photo tape that can be taken down and replaced with something according to age, when they grow bigger.

All parents know boys are passionate about motoring. A bed in the form of a racing car will over joy them.

Few of those who read these lines would think that a swing can be fitted in a child’s room. Well, one of these practical ideas can prove this.

When there are two children in a family, overlapping beds are the ideal option to win as much space as possible in the room. Those with nautical motifs, for example, will delight boys passionate about boats, and girls in the form of a storybook.

The furniture set, which includes both the bed and the closet for the little ones, seems to be the perfect solution to win as much space as possible in the room.

For more inspiration, good examples are found in the pictures below.

Fresh kid's room ideas1 Fresh kid's room ideas2 Fresh kid's room ideas3 Fresh kid's room ideas4 Fresh kid's room ideas5 Fresh kid's room ideas6 Fresh kid's room ideas7 Fresh kid's room ideas8 Fresh kid's room ideas9 Fresh kid's room ideas10 Fresh kid's room ideas11 Fresh kid's room ideas12 Fresh kid's room ideas13

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