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Four Ideas For The Perfect Spring Housewarming Gift

by Eva

Four Ideas For The Perfect Spring Housewarming Gift

Spring is almost here, and doesn’t it feel like we have all been waiting such a long time for it? It is the time for fresh starts and getting back out in the wide world and catching up with our friends and loved ones. For many of us, it has been far too long since we spent some quality time in the company of our favorite people, and we have a lot of lost time to make up for. 

Now, anyone who has kept an eye on the property market knows that people have been moving home in incredible numbers, and the chances are good that we all know someone who is in the process of getting set up in a new property right now. And now that we can go around and see them and their new home in person, it makes sense that we are thinking about what would make the perfect housewarming gift. Sometimes a greeting card and a bottle of wine just will not cut it. You want to show them how much they mean to you, and you want to give them something that you know they will use and enjoy. If you are struggling to think of ideas, here are a few tips to help you get inspired.

Starting From Scratch?

There is nothing as exciting as moving into your first home, but we all know how overwhelming it can be. The list of items that you need to buy for a new property can get very expensive very quickly, and right now we all need to be thinking carefully about how much we are spending. 

If you know someone who has just moved into their own place for the first time, then you can think about some essentials that more experienced homeowners may have already crossed off their list. For example, would a bedding set be helpful? Or a new shower curtain? You may want to talk to the new homeowner or renter in question about just how completely they are starting from scratch, but you could also try to remember what you wish someone had bought you for your first home. Something as basic as a doormat may be hugely appreciated. 

Kitchenware Is Always Welcome

We all know that the kitchen is the beating heart of any home. It is also one of the elements that can be hardest to personalize when you first move in. What’s more, we have all been through the experience of realizing that a lot of our cookware and breakables have not survived the move. Whether it’s careless movers or a simple accident with a dropped box marked “fragile”, there are always going to be a few glass or crockery mishaps while setting up a new home. 

This means that a kitchenware gift is always a strong option if you want to know that your present is going to be in regular use. You could think about gifting them some beautiful plates, some new mugs for those cups of coffee that they are going to use, or you could make sure that they have some fresh, high-quality dish towels. Flour sack dish towels are quick-drying, highly absorbent, and extremely durable. If you want to find some premium options, these dishtowels from Mary’s Kitchen Towels are a great choice. Mary’s Kitchen Towels also offers a printing service so that you can customize your flour sack dish towels with your own artwork or logo.

A Subscription Service

When we move into a new home, there are so many things to take care of that our meal plans can get a little uninspired. If you want to treat your friend to something tasty, then why not think about a meal box subscription service? You could ask them to give you some inspiration for their diet preferences and make sure they are eating healthy and eating fresh. And if they are partial to a glass of something at the end of the day, there are a lot of great wine subscription offers to choose from. 

Home Office Furnishings

Right now, the question about whether we will all return to the office has not yet been resolved but a lot of us are still working from home. If you know that your friend or family member will be remote working for the near future, then one of the best gifts that you can give them is helping them brighten up their home office space. 

A lot of us have spent the last couple of years hunched over the kitchen table on our laptops or staring at a blank wall for inspiration. Think about what gifts could really help them make the most of the space. A proper desk or desk chair may be a little out of your price range, so how about something to help them organize their paperwork? A nice houseplant could help their mood, and a desk lamp could bring essential lighting.

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