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5 Accessories You Must Have On Your Work Desk

by Eva

5 Accessories You Must Have On Your Work Desk

Setting up a work desk can be a complicated task for many. 

You need to have a few trinkets to keep yourself occupied when taking a small break, some items that increase productivity, some organizers to keep everything in place, accessories for your tech, and of course, stationery. All this, while making sure that your desk isn’t just a heap of random assortments that you need to pile dive into to get what you need throughout the day. 

As we said—a complicated task.

So how can one have all that they need without the clutter? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Fun Trinkets

Having cute and funky trinkets around your workstation can not only keep you occupied when you’re bored or waiting on a task but also keep your inner child happy. They can be something you look at to feel better during a busy workday.

There are various kinds of trinkets that people like to have on their work desk. But the most common one is a bobblehead. People go for personalized bobbleheads of themselves or their spouses, a celebrity they like, or a known figure they admire. You can get endless options on online stores, such as Lucky Bobbleheads, to find your perfect work desk trinket.

Some toys can help calm your nerves while you are stressed at work. The most popular one is a push-pop silicon plate which acts as a reusable bubble wrap. One can endlessly push and pop the bubbles to feel better when going through a tough time. 

  1. Color-Coded Organizers

Organizers are one of the most essential and used office supplies ever. They help you stay organized while keeping your desk tidy. With a neat line of organizers on your table, you can simply reach out for whatever you need instead of having to rummage through the drawers for it, saving you loads of time. And while they sound boring and productivity-oriented, they are so much more than that.

You could opt for organizers with cool designs based on your favorite shows, artists, books, or web series; you could even match them with the ongoing theme of your work desk decor if you’re going for one. If you’re into DIY, vinyl organizers should be your go-to accessory. You can personalize them on your own. 

  1. Calendar

One significant aspect of a work desk is always being up to date. You can use a hanging calendar or a foldable one that you can prop up on your desk. Use this to keep a tab on essential work details, appointments, deadlines, daily to-do lists, colleague birthdays, and much more.

  1. Monitor Stand

A monitor stand isn’t just an accessory for your desk but also support for your posture. Getting a desk stand allows your monitor to be at an elevated level to match your line of sight, helping you keep your spine and neck aligned at all times. 

Apart from being great for your body, you can also invest in a monitor stand that doubles as storage space for your desk. Some have a hollow space beneath the monitor stand where you can keep a few things handy, such as a diary, notebook, an important file, and stationery. 

And those fun trinkets we talked about earlier? Yes, they can go there near your monitor too!

  1. Healthy Snacks

Well, we all know the urge to munch on something while working constantly. From delicious sweets to savory treats, from tasty drinks to salty tidbits – perhaps we all have something hanging out in our bottom drawer of the workstation. But why not make a change for the better?

You can opt for healthy snacks, such as crunchy baked chips, organic dips for carrots and cucumbers, fresh fruits, etc. Experiment with things available in the market until you find something that suits your taste buds.

So, now you know of some important things that can help make your workstation, at the office or in your home, better for you! 

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