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Easy DIY mosaic decorations from old cd

by Eva

Easy DIY mosaic decorations from old cd

Sure, you’ve seen on the Internet many crafts from old CDs. The desire of people to use this interesting material, which, for some reason, has lost its main function due to the development of new technologies, or because they are destroyed. But, unfortunately, all projects that look so good on a photo on the network cannot be successfully implemented. There are reasons for this: there are many important factors to consider when working with cd. Here are the main secrets of ownership that will help you realize a uniquely brilliant, in every sense, idea.

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Choose the right tool
When working with a CD for mosaic crafts, it is important to cut the disc evenly into fragments without damaging the holographic tape. Otherwise, you only get pieces of plastic. Ordinary scissors or garden trimmers are one of the work choices. But you have to exercise a lot of strength and maybe you can injure your fingers. If you decide on a major project and want to use multiple trays – take plastic cutting scissors. Work will be done much faster.

All discs are not just as useful for creative projects.
Pay attention to the surface structure: if the membrane is placed between two layers of plastic, this material is unlikely and fits you. When cutting the tape will break and move away at the most unexpected points.

Boost before quitting
If you managed to get the “right” trays, do not be lazy to put some PVA adhesive on the wrong side and allow it to dry out. With this movement, you can easily cut the disc into fragments, leaving the mirror surface intact.

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Classification of fragments
Do not despair if some pieces are separated or not identical. You will definitely need smaller places to place them among the larger ones. So even the most accurate picture can be corrected.

You want some ideas for inspiration – we have them for you in the pictures below











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