Home DIY DIY: Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins

DIY: Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins

by Eva

Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins

The decorative and useful items you can make with dried pumpkins are too many, see here many similar ideas and analytical process to properly Dry pumpkin you will buy from a grocery store.

One of the most impressive kind constructions luminaires or lanterns. A pumpkin with the right shape can be converted into a … hat or pendant or table lamp and a very elegant and unique candlelantern for indoors and outdoors.

The basic drying-initialization process is no different from the basic method of processing.

Then you cut a piece at the bottom in order to drain completely from the inside, draw with pencil on the outer surface of the design you want to form the holes from which diffuses light.

Mark on the lines of the drawing bulleted points to be drilled and make holes in one thin drill.

Switch with a rubber pencil marks, clean if necessary – completely open holes with a sharp object and place over a low candle or tea light candles or place inside a series of led lights.

You can pass the surface with a protective varnish or course additionally decorate its surface in any other way you want if you do not like the perfectly natural look.

Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins1

Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins2

Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins3

Lighting lanterns from dried pumpkins4

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