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Decorate the table and the house with pomegranates for a lucky year

by Eva

Decorate the table and the house with pomegranates for a lucky year

Using natural elements to decorate our homes in the spirit of the Holidays reflects the natural seasonal beauty with the holiday spirit and they are simply wonderful! So let’s use red pomegranates for the home and the table this New Year. After all, it is a symbol of luck, prosperity and abundance and we need it more than ever! Happy New Year!

One of these natural elements that I have fallen in love with is the pomegranate. I love it for its beauty – its rich red, burgundy or rose color and especially to add color and beauty to my home decor or on a special occasion such as the holidays.

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You can be inspired to decorate with pomegranates

Especially during the Holiday season, a decoration of our home inspired by pomegranates creates a warm environment and a beautiful atmosphere. There are so many ways you can use pomegranate in holiday decor, both on the table and elsewhere in your home.

It’s the perfect time to use pomegranates as a decorative element and they will give an adorable natural and rustic look or bright and rich depending on how you decorate and of course the style of your home.

Some of the many great wreath-inspired ideas for decorating your front door, as a centrepiece in a table setting, or in holiday arrangements for your coffee table or sideboard.

How else would you incorporate pomegranates into your home decor?

“Edible” decorations are trendy for every season and every party, they look special and show how food can become decorative art in a sense.

Pomegranates with their ideal deep red color are fantastic for making simple centrepieces on a table. All you need is to place them e.g. in beautiful silver bowls and add nuts, apples and flowers.

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You can also put some pomegranates on the table and combine them with greenery for a “cool” table. Want another look? Cut the pomegranates in half and put them on a pretty plate (combined with other winter fruits) they will look great.

Use them to place on each guest’s plate, writing their name in gold pen. The smooth texture of a pomegranate makes it easy to write legibly with a gold pen. Or you can attach a name tag to the top. At the end, guests can take it home and use the seeds in a salad!

You can put them in a large bowl or jar, combine them with cinnamon, pine nuts and whatever else nature likes.








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