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Best ideas and keys for decorating warm winter living rooms

by Eva

Best ideas and keys for decorating warm winter living rooms

The key to achieving a good winter living room decoration, whatever our decorative style, is to use accessories. When we decide to style our home we make decisions of character, almost permanent: we choose materials for the floor, coatings for the bathrooms and kitchen or the colors for the paint of the whole house. Of course, we cannot act on these factors with each change of season, but we can do it with accessories, which allow us to transform a space according to the occasion.

Elegant ideas for a comfortable, pleasant and relaxed layout of a small living room

In today’s post, we will start with everyday items such as cushions, blankets and rugs with textures in warm fabrics, combining fine knit with thick knit and playing with the color range of our living room to give it a more welcoming air in winter, as well as at the time we made other types of accessories to give it a fresher air in summer. Having more or less focused our style or in what general lines our house is decorated, will give us the keys to achieve it.

Light and warm style

If our home is decorated with a light and luminous style, such as the Scandinavian style or natural airs such as boho chic, we must use appropriate accessories such as fine knit rugs and blankets or its opposite end, the long hair blankets in white, beige or pastel tones if we want a higher degree of warmth.

Crochet is very important in these styles, since it provides a handmade and pleasant touch in accessories. These are elements that we can create ourselves, such as thin blankets and rounded poufs that will give a very personal touch to the space.

Modern and contrasting style

If smooth textures and sober tones predominate in contemporary and minimalist styles, we can counteract their neatness by using thick textiles or short or medium pile rugs. In this way we will create a greater contrast through the color and organic lines of textiles and other accessories.

It is important to provide that counterpoint in the decoration of winter living rooms in these styles to alleviate the possible coldness, typical of architectural materials, and achieve a really cozy atmosphere.

Rustic and textured style

In styles such as rustic we generally rely on a neutral color range to decorate. The furniture with rounded lines, its great robustness and the presence of warm materials such as wood, already create a most welcoming atmosphere.

However, we can multiply this feeling by using a wide variety of textures, from the fine and thick knitting in blankets and cushions on the sofa to the shaggy rugs that we frequently see in some variants of the Scandinavian style.

Cozy living room – how to transform this key room for the fall and winter season

Playing with the blanket

To have the blankets always at hand and provide a touch of grace, you can use a basket or an auxiliary corner table where to place them.
If you opt for more modern styles, with more sober lines, place the blankets directly on the back or seat of the sofa.

Lighting in winter

Do not forget also that lighting plays a very important role in the decoration of winter living rooms. Bet on supporting light points such as wall lights and reading lamps, or use lanterns and large-format candles to give a more romantic air to your living room. And of course, light the fireplace.


















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