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A magical day: decorate the house for Christmas

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decorate the house for Christmas

From early morning until after nightfall, the house of Concha y Vicente is filled with songs, laughter and thousands of ornaments. Thanks to a little “helpershave it all ready to celebrate Christmas.

Today is a very special day for Concha y Vicente. His house, usually a haven of peace, is completely overrun with children. Cousins, my friends … No one wanted to miss this event, because today is the day we are going to decorate the house for Christmas. And we are a few special guests in what promises to be a perfect craft course.

Alex, one of the youngest members of the gang, opens the door while asking decorate the tree. No, I‘ve asked before!“. Well I paint cards“. Did you bring the red felt, Miriam?” Carols, laughing and running around promenten join us throughout the day.

The house of Concha y Vicente is in Cantabria. They bought it as a second home makes a couple of years. They live in Madrid, after spending five years in Africa south. It was just visiting friends in Cantabria when they fell in love with the place. The experiences we live in Africa led us to seek an environment that offered these core values. This house, near the Natural Park Oyambre, is a perfect balance between the force of nature and rural values before “, says Vicente.

The neighborhood where the house is located is dotted with old houses, and they share the same time farmers and vacationers. “So we‘ve tried to make the house asking this area, to avoid damaging the environment.” Designed by architect Luis Alberto Alonso, in its construction were used materials from demolition of old houses, as the two stone piers entry or oak beams. Pine floors, mud, white woodwork, windows open to the landscape field This house had all the ingredients for the boundless imagination of children‘s become a real enchanted forest. In fact, most of the decorations have made themselves, with the help of Daphne, stylist‘s cabinet. There was only one slogan: everything had to be red, white or collected from the forest and garden. Wreaths thousand classes cover window sills, stairs and ledges. They are made with spruce, cypress, red fruit, crystal tears

Hearts are other major players in the Christmas decorations. They come in all sizes and materials: felt, like decorating the shade of the room; Wood, like hanging from the ladder; paper, cloth Hearts are also found in the two Christmas trees. The lounge, with balls, stars, snowflakes and natural fruits of nandina- is the holiday. While the frosty fir loft has been decorated to the delight of children. Alex is clear: the more “cool” is white, because besides hearts and reindeer have paper cones filled with treats.In the lounge, the smaller are dedicated to paint some red cones and make cards that adorn almost everything: the mirror of the fireplace, wreaths kitchen, bedroom screen To them, using cardboard, sticks wooden buttons and markers with painting hearts and write their names.

Miriam and Ella, the largest of the group, set the table for dinner. The first place is the center, made of fir branches, balls and red berries. Joe, one of the boys, appears with a pair of figurines of birds and carefully distributed across the table. And immediately runs into the kitchen, where the cookies are baked in the morning are ready to eat. There are many different forms, but not all will be for tea, but the most “perfect” serve as ornaments or surprise in the advent calendar.Begins to darken and about one of the most anticipated moments of the day: lighting candles and lanterns scattered throughout the house. Eyed. Open mouths. If in the morning the house seemed tale, now is pure magic.

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