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9 Alternative minimalistic Christmas Trees

by Decorator

minimalistic Christmas Trees

Nearing the days for Christmas and other more others less have begun to think of the adornment. If you belong to those who do not think enough because you do not like blatant Christmas decoration with blinking lights and huge trees to attract attention when entering the house then the following solutions is a must for you.

Items that are in the house and original way can replace the classic Christmas tree and not to spoil” the balance of decoration. Badges or not will surely find their place in the house and will give a festive touch.

  • A small fir tree can finds its place in a large basket.
  • A little imagination, lights, ornaments, and a ladder turns into an original Christmas tree.
  • Bare tree branches can act as your Christmas tree.
  • If you are fun of DIY then Build a tree from an old book or notebook.
  • Minimalistic and distinctive tree for those who don’t want color and exaggeration in Christmas decoration.

Alternative Christmas Trees1

Alternative Christmas Trees2

Alternative Christmas Trees3

Alternative Christmas Trees4

Alternative Christmas Trees5

Alternative Christmas Trees6

Alternative Christmas Trees7

Alternative Christmas Trees8

Alternative Christmas Trees9

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