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Build by yourself in 10 minutes the most beautiful library

by Eva

library from crates-boxes1

In recent years the construction of recycling materials are becoming increasingly part of our lives. Some crates-boxes can easily be converted into a library for one area of your home (the trade can be found in various sizes and shapes).

All you have to do is rub with sandpaper in order to smooth the surfaces and then paint them with color of your choice.

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You can place them on the ground or be screwed to the wall and to form either linear rows or irregular cubic complexes positioning them vertically and horizontally alternately.

To make this wonderful library will need 3-4 crates (depending on how high you want to make your library), spray paint in color of your choice (you will find in paint stores) and sandpaper.

Start rubbing crates with sandpaper and after you are done with this paint them with spray. Your library is more than ready.

library from crates-boxes2

Furniture shoot

library from crates-boxes4

library from crates-boxes5

Images via: Pinterest

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