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Budleya – The best ideas of an original decoration for the garden

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buddleya – The best ideas of an original decoration for the garden

buddleya refers to flowering shrubs. The flowering period of this shrub is from spring to autumn. The flowers of buddha are bright clusters of small inflorescences of various colors with a honey aroma.

Budding buds are not only white, but various light shades, as well as saturated colors, ranging from raspberry color to lilac color, including an orange hue.
An adult shrub in warm regions can grow up to 3 m., And in a cold climate zone it does not exceed 1-2 m. buddleya grows in the form of a bush with a spreading crown.

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Landscapers liked this shrub, they appreciated its qualities such as a long flowering period, a variety of flowers and spreading forms. Usually this plant is planted as a single bush, or together with coniferous plants forming the original composition.

buddleya can be of different varieties, which differ greatly not only in the size and shape of the bush, but in the variety of color palette of buds, as well as in the flowering period.

The most common grade budleya photos, which can be found in directories on landscape design, for the temperate climate zone. This variety is of the following types:

A fast-growing, sprawling shrub reaching 2 m with white buds in the shape of a pyramid.
A sprawling shrub with a rich aroma reaching 3 m., Blooming in large buds of purple color.
A low bush, not exceeding 1.5 m. With light pink and pale lilac flowers.
A small, voluminous bush, not exceeding 30 cm, with small flowers.

Propagated by budding seeds and cuttings. It is more difficult to grow a shrub from seeds, so the best way to plant cuttings with buds. It is best to plant a bush in an open and sunny area, preferably protected from the wind, because young shoots are very fragile. Before planting seedlings, you need to fertilize the soil with manure or special fertilizer. A wake-up planting is carried out taking into account the fact that between the bushes there should be a distance of 2 m., In a previously dug hole 40×40 cm.

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How to care for a decorative shrub
Buddy planting, and caring for which is not difficult, attracts the attention of many gardeners. The main rule of care for this plant is to regularly trim, water and feed it. The only difficulty is that the winter weather must be covered.

In the first year, pruning is done in March. In the process of trimming, a half shoot is cut from a healthy branch, and old branches are completely removed. Then, only the main branches are cut annually in spring.

Care in the open ground for wandering, includes top dressing, which is carried out every spring with nitrogen fertilizers, in the summer the bush is fertilized with potassium and phosphorus.
Special care for the wake-up is in the heat, the fact is that the bush needs watering, but it does not tolerate waterlogging, so the best option is to spray it in the evenings.

Landscape design
Landscape designers often use a weekday to fill empty spaces in the garden or create an original landscape in the garden. Lonely plantings of a decorative bush in combination with a lawn look quite impressive. Also, buddha will perfectly decorate the composition of rose bushes.
Luxurious get a hedge of buddha. The flower arrangement looks unusually exquisite if this lush plant is used in the background.

In addition, you can create a beautiful ensemble of planted buddhas of different species, which will differ significantly both in the size of the bush and in color. Since there are miniature wake-ups, the porch of the house can be decorated with a flowering bush in pots.

Budeleya is suitable for decorating a garden plot. Beautiful and fragrant inflorescences of this plant create a cozy and unusually pleasant atmosphere on the site.

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