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Are You Buying A Floor Scrubber? Here Is The Guide You Didn’t Know You Need.

by Eva

Ever walked into a firm and got an unpleasant vibe? 

This is what unclean surroundings can do to you. Now, who wants that? No one. 

If you want your organization to look presentable, you must maintain your floors. Unclean flooring might harm your reputation by giving the impression that you don’t care about keeping things clean. 

If you don’t care about your own office, what impression do clients make of you? Think again. 

So, you’ll need a consistent and reliable cleaning routine to get rid of even the hardest stains and keep your floor looking pristine and ready to impress. 

A floor scrubber is a piece of machinery capable of removing even the hardest stains and blemishes from your floor. We could also use it to swiftly sweep the floor, preventing stains from setting in and becoming irreversible. Permanent staining is a major issue that may need the removal of a portion of your flooring.

Floor scrubbers come in all shapes and sizes, and there are some things you should look for while purchasing your floor scrubbers:

The Size Of The Machine

The equation here is simple: if you have a bigger area to clean, choose a bigger piece of equipment to get the job done faster and more effectively. If you have a smaller space to work with, choose a small machine that is more portable. However, if the device is too light, it might simply tip over or spin.

The Tank Size

Always be aware of the tank size, as the bigger the tank, the more water and cleaning agents it can hold. If you have a bigger tank size, it ensures that more work can be carried out before refilling the tank. This plays a huge role in the overall efficiency and performance of the machine. 

Efficient Squeegee

The squeegee is broader than the machine body and is an essential characteristic of the machine’s efficient function. An inefficient squeegee will leave filthy water behind. Thus, the width of the squeegee is vital to know. The broader the squeegee, the more space it can span.

Power Source

 Find out what power source the machine requires. Your device may require a battery to operate or a power source. Most people prefer to have a battery-operated machine as they are easy to manoeuvre around. However, each has its disadvantages as in bigger areas; the cable might obstruct the cleaning operation, slowing it down and maybe creating a hazardous condition. A battery-powered machine can clean significantly faster, but the cleaning duration is restricted largely by the battery’s capacity.


Most machines make a whirring noise while it is working. So first, examine the machine’s noise level; you wouldn’t want anything too harsh deafening you! 

Also because it will limit your ability to clean throughout the day and the normal range is 63dBA. 

The Suction Capacity

 Because water must be removed from the floor surface, vacuum power is critical. With a weaker vacuum, you might not be able to clean everything in one pass.

Extra Functionality: Getting your hands on a device with some wonderful characteristics that make cleaning simpler makes complete sense. Look for features like the ability to change cleaning pressure, which will come in handy when handling difficult stains and markings. Another important feature is the option to adjust how concentrated your cleaning products are in your water. In certain cases, you may wish to clean something with simply water at first but then add a cleaning solution afterwards.

Final Word

Most commercial floor scrubbers for sale are made by businesses that regularly clean commercial or residential floors; however, companies that rarely use the equipment might explore a leasing package from a commercial floor scrubber dealership. They must use this costly gadget regularly for it to be a cost-effective company investment.


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